Volume 48, No. 3 (May-June, 2014)

Species Composition and Structure of the Communities of Plant-Parasitic and Free-Living Soil Nematodes in the Greenhouses of Botanical Gardens of Ukraine
A.I. Gubin and D.D. Sigareva
Page Range: 195202

Findings of Entomopathogenic Nematodes (Rhabditida, Steinernematidae) in Nature Reserves in Ukraine
Ye. B. Yakovlev, V. A. Kharchenko, and Z. Mracek
Page Range: 203210

Pyrgotid Flies Assigned to Apyrgota. II. New Synonyms in Eupyrgota (Subgenus Taeniomastix) (Diptera, Pyrgotidae), With Key To Subgenera and Species
V. A. Korneyev
Page Range: 211220

Prevalence of Hookworms, Uncinaria Lucasi (Ancylostomatidae), In Northern Fur Seals (Callorhinus Ursinus) On St. Paul Island, Alaska
E.T. Lyons, T.A. Kuzmina, J.L. Carie, S.C. Tolliver, and T.R. Spraker
Page Range: 221230

Trichodinids (Ciliophora, Peritrichia) Of Perccottus Glenii (Actinopterygii, Odontobutidae) In Three Ukrainian Rivers
O. Drobiniak, Yu. Kutsokon, and Yu. Kvach
Page Range: 231237

Variability of Structural and Biomechanical Parameters of Pelophylax Esculentus (Amphibia, Anura) Limb Bones
Ye. O. Broshko
Page Range: 239248

Morphoecological Peculiarities of Pelvis in Several Genera of Rails with Some notes On systematic Position Of The Coot, Fulica Atra (Rallidae, Gruiformes)
I. A. Bogdanovich
Page Range: 249254

Remarks on Correlations and Implications of the Mandibular Structure and Diet in Some Seals (Mammalia, Phocidae)
I.A. Koretsky, S.J. Rahmat, and N. Peters
Page Range: 255268

Study of Biology, Morphology And Taxonomy of The Nematode Stephanofilaria Assamensis (Filariina, Stephanofilariidae)
K.A. Saparov, F.D. Akramova, D.A. Azimov, and V.I. Golovanov
Page Range: 269274

A New Species of Chyliza (Diptera, Psilidae) from Iran
S. Khaghaninia and Ya. Gharajedaghi
Page Range: 275280

A New Species of the Genus Ormyrus (Hymenoptera, Ormyridae) from the Steppe Zone of the Ukraine
M.D. Zerova and L. Ya. Seryogina
Page Range: 281283

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