Volume 49, No. 1 (January-February, 2015)

A new Species of the Genus Himalopsyche (Trichoptera, Rhyacophilidae), with keys to and Catalogue of Indian Species
K. Lakhwinder and S. Saini Malkiat
Page Range: 312

Key to Palaearctic Species of the Genus Stagetus (Coleoptera, Ptinidae, Dorcatominae)
I. N. Toskina
Page Range: 1324

Pyrgotid Flies Assigned to Apyrgota. III. Species of Afropyrgota gen. n. and Tylotrypes (Diptera, Pyrgotidae)
V. A. Korneyev
Page Range: 2540

The Thick-clawed Crayfish, Astacus pachypus (Crustacea, Decapoda, Astacidae), in Ukraine: Karyotype, Allozymes and Morphological Parameters
S. V. Mezhzherin, V. S. Kostyuk, A. V. Garbar, E. I . Zhalai, and P. S. Kutishchev
Page Range: 4148

Early Pliocene Sturgeons and Bony Fishes from the Dniester Valley (Republic of Moldova)
. . Kovalchuk, V. A. Marareskul, D. S. Zakharov, T. F. Obada
Page Range: 4956

New Species of Praepusa (Carnivora, Phocidae, Phocinae) from the Netherlands Supports East to West Neogene Dispersal of True Seals
I. A. Koretsky, N. Peters, S. Rahmat
Page Range: 5766

Endohelminths of Cypriniform Fish from Waterbodies of the Syrdarya River: Fauna and Distribution
F. E. Safarova, F. D. Akramova, D. A. Azimov, V. I. Golovanov, and E. B. Shakarboev
Page Range: 6774

Attempt to Define the Complexes of Bat Ectoparasites in the Boreal Palaearctic Region
M. V. Orlova and O. L. Orlov
Page Range: 7586

A Case Study of the Herb-Dwelling Spider Assemblages (Aranei) in a Meadow under the Power Transmission Lines in Ukrainian Carpathians
E. V. Prokopenko
Page Range: 8794