Volume 49, No. 2 (March-April, 2015)

A New Species of Testate Amoebae of the Genus Difflugia from the Freshwaters of Azerbaijan (Rhizopoda, Testacea, Difflugiidae)
N. Yu. Snegovaya and E. N. Tahirova
Page Range: 99104

On Sexual Dimorphism of Karyotypes of Viviparus viviparus and V. contectus (Gastropoda, Viviparidae)
T. V. Andriychuk and A. V. Garbar
Page Range: 105112

The First Records Of The Skipper Flies (Diptera, Piophilidae) From Ukraine
A. V. Misiachna and V. A. Korneyev
Page Range: 113118

Rediscovery of Tephritis kogardtauica (Diptera, Tephritidae)
S. V. Korneyev, Y. Karimpour, and S. Mohamadzade Namin
Page Range: 119124

Breeding Avifauna of the Waste Water Treatment Plants, Located in Northern Left-Bank Part of Ukraine
O. M. Fedun, O. Ye. Usov, and G. G. Gavris
Page Range: 125134

Using Ecological Niche Modeling for Biodiversity Conservation Guidance in the Western Podillya (Ukraine): Amphibians
V. Tytar, S. Mezhzherin, and L. Sobolenko
Page Range: 135144

A Review of Major Impact Factors of Hostilities Influencing Biodiversity in the Eastern Ukraine (Modeled On Selected Animal Species)
O. V. Vasyliuk, O. D. Nekrasova, D. V. Shyriaieva, and G. O. Kolomytsev
Page Range: 145158

Differences in Skull Size of Harbour Porpoises, Phocoena phocoena (Cetacea), in The Sea of Azov And The Black Sea: Evidence for Different Morphotypes and Populations
P. E. Goldin and K. A. Vishnyakova
Page Range: 171180

A Pasture of Big Ungulate Animals as Key Ecological Factor Influencing on the Fluctuation of Natural Habitat of Steppe Herbivorous Mammals
V. Tokarsky
Page Range: 159170

Finding of Gyrodactylus perccotti (Plathelminthes, Gyrodactylidae) in Water Bodies of Kyiv Region
N. V. Zaichenko
Page Range: 181184

The First Record of the Salticid Spiders Sibianor larae and S. tantulus (Aranei, Salticidae) in Ukraine
K. V. Evtushenko
Page Range: 185186

The Ground-Beetles of the Genus Anthracus (Coleoptera, Carabidae) of Ukraine
A. V. Putchkov and M. I. Nitochko
Page Range: 187190