Volume 50, No. 4 (July-August, 2016)

New Finds of Naked Amoebae (Protista) in Water Reservoirs of Ukraine
M. K. Patsyuk
Page Range: 291300

Helminths of Wild Predatory Mammals (Mammalia, Carnivora) of Ukraine. Trematodes
E. N. Korol, E. I. Varodi, V. V. Kornyushin, and A. M. Malega
Page Range: 301308

Advances in the Study of the Spider Fauna (Aranei) of Russia and Adjacent Regions: A 2015 Update
K. G. Mikhailov
Page Range: 309320

Redstart Bird (Passeriformes, Muscicapidae) with Non-Typical Plumage Interspecific Hybrid or Eastern Subspecies in Fauna of Ukraine
H. V. Fesenko and S. Yu. Shybanov
Page Range: 321326a

Re-Evaluation of Morphological Characters Questions Current Views of Pinniped Origins
I. A. Koretsky, L. G. Barnes, and S. J. Rahmat
Page Range: 327354

Sex Differences and Sex Identification in the Small-Scaled Scorpionfish, Scorpaena Porcus (Scorpaenidae, Scorpaeniformes)
V. N. Peskov and L. G. Manilo
Page Range: 355362

Food Habits of the Endemic Long Legged Wood Frog, Rana Pseudodalmatina (Amphibia, Ranidae), in Northern Iran
M. Najibzadeh, A. Gharzi, N. Rastegar-Pouyani, E. Rastegar-Pouyani, and A. Pesarakloo
Page Range: 363368

The Robin, Erithacus Rubecula (Passeriformes, Turdidae), As a Component of Autotrophic Consortia of Forest Cenoses, Northeast Ukraine
A. B. Chaplygina, D. I. Yuzyk, and N. O. Savynska
Page Range: 369378

First Record of Dicheilonema Ciconiae (Nematoda, Diplotriaenoidea) From Ciconia Nigra (Aves, Ciconiidae) in Ukraine
Ya. Yu. Syrota, Yu. I. Kuzmin, V. N. Lyaskivskiy, V. V. Kobylinsky, and I. B. Vasylkivska
Page Range: 379382