Volume 51, No. 5 (September-October, 2017)

Redescription of the Type Species of the Genus Argistes (Aranei, Liocranidae)
Yu. M. Marusik
Page Range: 363368

On the Taxonomy of the Genera Sesapa and Nipponasura (Lepidoptera, Erebidae, Arctiinae)
A. V. Volynkin
Page Range: 369374

Regional Fish-Based Biostratigraphy of the Late Neogene and Pleistocene of Southeastern Europe
. . Kovalchuk
Page Range: 375392

Distribution of Trematodes Cryptokotyle (Trematoda, Heterophyidae), in Fish of the Family Gobiidae in the Estuary Waters and the Black Sea in Southern Ukraine
S. L. Goncharov, N. M. Soroka, O. B. Pryima, and A. I. Dubovyi
Page Range: 393400

Peculiarities of Distribution of Two Amblydromella Species (Phytoseiidae, Parasitiformes) in the Zone of Their Natural Intergradation in the Eastern Ukraine
L. A. Kolodochka and V. Yu. Bondarev
Page Range: 401406

Harpacticoida (Crustacea, Copepoda) of Mussel Beds and Macroalgae on the Rocky Substrates in the North-Western Black Sea
V. V. Portianko
Page Range: 407412

The Expansion of the Blackbird, Turdus Merula (Passeriformes, Muscicapidae), in the Steppe Zone of Ukraine
A. N. Tsvelykh
Page Range: 413420

Quantitative and Qualitative Composition of Diet of the Ural Owl, Strix Uralensi (Strigidae, Strigiformes), in the Central Part of European Russia (The Example of the Republic of Mordovia)
A. Andreychev and A. Lapshin
Page Range: 421428

Interspecific Interactions as a Factor of Limitation of Geographical Distribution: Evidence Obtained by Modeling Home Ranges of Vole Twin Species Microtus Arvalis M. Levis (Rodentia, Microtidae)
S. V. Mezhzherin, E. I. Lashkova, I. I. Kozinenko, A. V. Rashevskaya, and V. M. Tytar
Page Range: 429434

Sustainable Population of Pentamerismus Taxi (Acari, Tenuipalpidae) Beyond the Zone of Its Natural Habitation in Ukraine
L. M. Bondareva, P. Y. Chumak, and S. I. Bondariev
Page Range: 435438

Distribution and Host Record of Bruchophagus Robiniae (Hymenoptera, Eurytomidae) in Turkey
M. D. Zerova, V. N. Fursov, and S. I. Klymenko
Page Range: 439442

Rediscovery of Armenian Birch Mouse, Sicista Armenica (Mammalia, Rodentia, Sminthidae)
M. Rusin, A. Ghazaryan, T. Hayrapetyan, G. Papov, and A. Martynov
Page Range: 443446

Explorer, Conservationist, Museologist Mykola Shcherbak (31.10.192727.01.1998)
Page Range: 447448