Volume 51, No. 6 (November-December, 2017)

The Carpomyini Fruit Flies (Diptera: Tephritidae) of Europe, Caucasus, and Middle East: New Records of Pests, with Improved Keys
V. A. Korneyev, R. I. Mishustin, and S. V. Korneyev
Page Range: 453470

Diagnostic Criteria for Identification of Microtus s. l. Species (Rodentia, Arvicolidae) of the Ukrainian Carpathians
Zoltan Barkaszi
Page Range: 471486

Bird Lice (Mallophaga, Philopteridae, Menoponidae) of Domestic Pigeons on Specialized Pigeon Breeding Farms in Poltava
I. O. Kolomak and O. V. Kruchynenko
Page Range: 487492

Peculiarities of Dog Babesiosis Distribution in Kyiv City
O. V. Semenko, M. V. Galat, O. V. Shcherbak, V. F. Galat, and I. V. Shulga
Page Range: 493498

Interspecific Agression of the Passerine Birds (Aves, Passeriformes) on Watering Places in Wood-and-Steppe Zone of Ukraine
A. O. Markova
Page Range: 499508

On the Diet and Foraging Strategy of Tundra Waders at Sivash
T. A. Kirikova
Page Range: 509516

Terrestrial Vertebrates of Post-Quarrying Sites in the Donbas Region of Ukraine
E. Ulyura and V. Tytar
Page Range: 517526

Redescription and New Data on Distribution of Glyphomerus flavabdomen with Key to the Palearctic Species of the Genus Glyphomerus (Hymenoptera, Torymidae)
M. D. Zerova and V. N. Fursov
Page Range: 527530

Full Member of the Moldova Academy of Sciences Aleksey Andreyevych Spassky
V. V. Kornyushin
Page Range: 531532