Volume 52, No. 4 (July-August, 2018)

Helminths of the Mallard, Anas Platyrhynchos (Aves, Anatidae), in Ukraine: Analysis of the Diversity in Mixed Forest Zone and the Black Sea Region
Ya. Yu. Syrota, O. B. Greben, A. M. Poluda, O. M. Maleha, O. I. Lisitsyna, and V. V. Kornyushin
Page Range: 267278

Metazoan Parasites and Health State of European Eel, Anguilla Anguilla (Anguilliformes, Anguillidae), From Tonga Lake and El Mellah Lagoon in the Northeast of Algeria
F. Bakaria, S. Belhaoues, N. Djebbari, M. Tahri, I. Ladjama, and L. Bensaad
Page Range: 279288

The First Record of Parthenitae and Cercariae of Plagiorchis Multiglandularis (Trematoda, Plagiorchiidae) in Lymnaea Stagnalis in Ukraine
E. P. Zhytova
Page Range: 289294

Two new Species of the Genus Neoseiulus (Parasitiformes, Phytoseiidae) With Redescriptions of N. Bicaudus and N. Micmac Based on Holotypes
L. A. Kolodochka
Page Range: 295306

Description of the Male of Cilliba Erlangensis (Acari, Uropodina, Cillibidae) With a Key to Males of the Genus Cilliba
E. Babaeian, D. J. Gwiazdowicz, and A. Saboori
Page Range: 307312

Clonal Structure of Some Weevil Species (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) From Central Ukraine
V. Yu. Nazarenko and S. Yu. Morozov-Leonov
Page Range: 313322

Functional and Ecological Adaptations of Several Acaridid Mite Species (Acariformes, Astigmata) For Feeding on Stored Produce
I. A. Akimov and Ya. R. Oksentyuk
Page Range: 323330

Species Structure of Oribatid Mite Population (Acari, Oribatea) in the Forest Floor Litter in the Reclaimed Territories (Ukraine)
O. O. Didur, Yu. L. Kulbachko, and O. Ye. Pakhomov
Page Range: 331340

Long-Term Bioclimatic Modelling the Distribution of the Fire-Bellied Toad, Bombina Bombina (Anura, Bombinatoridae), Under the Influence of Global Climate Change
V. Tytar, O. Nekrasova, A. Pupina, M. Pupins, and O. Oskyrko
Page Range: 341348