Volume 53, No. 5 (September-October, 2019)

A Review of Species Diversity, Distribution and Ecology of Freshwater Gastropod Molluscs Inhabiting the Ukrainian Transcarpathian
V. V. Anistratenko, Yu. I. Furyk, O. Yu. Anistratenko, and E. V. Degtyarenko
Page Range: 349374

Application of DNA Barcoding in Taxonomy and Phylogeny: An Individual Case of COI Partial Gene Sequencing from Seven Animal Species
M. Drohvalenko, A. Mykhailenko, M. Rekrotchuk, L. Shpak, V. Shuba, R. Trokhymchuk, S. Utevsky, and O. Zinenko
Page Range: 375384

Genetic Diversity and Place in the General Phylogeographic Structure of Capercaillie, Tetrao Urogallus (Galliformes, Phasianidae), from Belarus
K. V. Homel, T. E. Pavlushchick, M. E. Nikiforov, E. E. Kheidorova, M. G. Dmitrenok, and P. A. Pakul
Page Range: 385398

Modelling the Bioclimatic Niche of a Cohort of Selected Mite Species (Acari, Acariformes) Associated with the Infestation of Stored Products
V. M. Tytar and Ya. R. Oksentyuk
Page Range: 399416

Niche Sharing in Intertidal Mollusks and Decapods in Rocky Shore of Easter Island
P. De los Rios and E. Ibanez Arancibia
Page Range: 417422

Formation Factors of Cytogenetic Violation of Rutilus rutilus (Cypriniformes, Cyprinidae) in Transformed River Ecosystems
M. O. Klymenko, O. O. Biedunkova, O. M. Klymenko, A. M. Pryshchepa, I. I. Statnik, and N. S. Kovalchuk
Page Range: 423432