1967, ¹ 1 (January - February)

From the Editorial Board ... 3

Pidplichko I. G. Tasks of Present-day Research in Zoology ... 5

Markevich A. P. Biology at the Present-day Stage ... 12

Manzy S. F. Bionics for Biology and Engineering ... 17

Sokur I. T. Urgent Tasks in the Study of the Ecology of Mammals of the Ukraine ... 23

Tarashchuk V. I. Basic Results of Zoological Investigations of the Soviet -Cuba Expedition ... 27

Agarkov G. B. Problem of Evolution of the Suprarenal Glands and Their Nerve Structures in Vertebrates ... 33

Melnichuk V. A. Change in the Living Conditions and Numbers of Waterfowl on Formation of the Kiev Reservoir ... 40

Loskot V. M., Frantsevich L. I. Susceptibility of Mosquito Larvae (Diptera, Culicidae) to Insecticides in Certain Areas of the Ukrainian SSR ... 47

Monchenko V. I. Representatives of the Genus Elaphoidella (Copepoda, Harpacticoida) in the Soviet Union ... 53

Topachevsky V. A., Skorik A. F. Dolomys (Pliomys) ucrainicus sp. n. (Rodentia, Microtidae) from the Upper Pliocene Deposits of the South of the Ukraine ... 61

Brief notes

Mamontova-Solukha V. A. Cavariella bozhkoi sp . n. (Homoptera , Aphidinea) - a New Species ,of Aphid from the Primorsky Region ... 68

Hushcha H. I., Sh1uger E. G. Leptotrombidium silvaticum sp. n.- a New Species of Trornbiculid Mites (Acariformes, Trombiculidae) ... 71

Sharpilo V. P., Loskot V. M. New Finds of Trematodes Collyriclum faba (Bremser, 1831) on the Territory of the USSR ... 75

Volyansky Y. E. Hibernation of Chiropterans in Odessa Suburbs ... 77

Sokur I. T. Use of Ammonia Water and Polychlorcamphene for Fighting Microtus arvalis ... 79

Pidoplichko I. G. Origin of Names of Some Animals of our Fauna ... 80


Kasyanenko V. G. Significance of the Kiev Period of Scientific Activity of A. N. Severtsov and His «Kiev School» in the Development of Evolutionary Morphology ... 84

Pidoplichko I. G. Academician Y. A. Orlov as Morphologist and Paleontologist ... 88

Criticism and bibliography

Abelentsev V. I. Review of S. V. Kirikova «Game Animals, Environment and Man» ... 92

Boshko G. V. Review of R. S. Chebotaryov «Outlines of the History of Medical and Veterinary Parasitology (from ancient times to the end of the XIX c.) ... 93

Agarkov G. B. Review of V. N. Shvalyev «Innervation of Kidneys» ... 94

News items

Founding of Central Natural Science Museum of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR ... 95

Fourth Zoogeogrnphical Conference ... 95

20th Year of Ukrainian Nature Conservation Society ... 96