1967, 5 (September - October)

Pidoplichko I. G. Development of the Zoological Investigations in the Ukraine for the Years of the Soviet Power ... 3

Kasiyanenko V. G. Development of the Morphology of a Man and Animals in the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR ... 15

Kryshtal A. F. On Some Contemporary Problems of Animal Ecology ... 28

Berestennikov D. S. Forty Years of the Black Sea Reservoir ... 39

Shpet G. I. Does the Potential Ability of Animals to Reproduction Correspond to Geometrical Progression? ... 44

Shchegolnikov A. N. Interdependence between the Load on Joints and State of Sinovial Excrescences ... 49

Sharpilo V. P. On the Contemporary Position in Study of Reptile Helminths of the USSR. Communication I ... 55

Puchkov V. G. On the Ecology of Scantily Studied Species of Heteroptera of the European Part of the USSR. Communication III ... 64

Zimina L. V. On the Fauna of Conopids (Diptera, Conopidae) of the Crimea ... 70

Brief Notes

Burova V. I. Peculiarities of Intraorgan Vessels and Nervous Structures of Simian Oesophagus in a Normal and Pathological State ... 77

Ivanov V. P. A New Species of Trematodes Rhipidocotyle kovalae sp. n. from Acipenserids of the Volga ... 81

Ermolenko V. M. On Tenthredinidae (hymenoptera) of the Genus Mesoneura Hartig. in Palearctic ... 83


Girenko L. L. Analyzer of Oxygen Consumption ... 88

News Items

Abelentsev V. I. All-Union Congress on the Resources of Marmot fauna in the USSR ... 95