1967, 6 (November - December)

Sviridenko P. A. Possibilities and Promises of Using Insectivorous Birds for Constant Protection of Fruit Gardens and Parks from Destructive Insects ... 3

Ardamatskaya T. B., Zelinskaya L. M., Semenov S. M. On the Ecology of Hollow-Nesting Birds at the Black-Sea Reservation ... 19

Movchan Yu. V. Acipenser quldenstadti Brandt of the North-West Part of the Black Sea and the Kuban River ... 26

Opalatenko L. K. On Morphological and Ecological Peculiarities of Abramis sapa of the Upper Dniester ... 33

Kulakovskaya O. P., Svirepo B. G. Alteration of Some Blood Indices of Carp and Sazan-Carp Hybrids on Infection with Caryophyllaeidae ... 38

Fedorenko I. A. Mallophaga of Snipes of the Northern Area of the Black Sea. Communication I. Suborder Amblycera ... 43

Ermolenko V. M. Zoogeographical Characteristics and History of Formation of the Crimea Fauna of Symphyta (Hymenoptera) ... 51

Grimalsky V. I., Lozinsky V. A. Importance of Formica polyctena Forst as Entomophages in Oak Plantations ... 58

Kryzhanovskaya T. V. Contribution to the Fauna of Weevils of the Genus Ceuthorrhynchus Germ. (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) of the Mountain Crimea ... 64

Tatarinov K. A. Supplementary Data on Chiroptera of the Ukraine ... 68

Brief Notes

Girenko L. L. On Biological Value of Citellus suslicus Guld. Colouration ... 73

Shcherbak N. N. On the Northern Boundary of the Areal of Some Reptiles of the Ukrainian Fauna ... 76

Svistun V. I., Lomaev A. A. On Geological Age of Mammals Fossil Bones in the Region of Kanev Hydro-Electric Power Station ... 77

Puchkov V. G. On the Synonymy of Pentatomidae of the middle Asia ... 80

Kistyakovsky A. B. Transmigration of Birds across the Black Sea ... 81

Panchenko S. G. Incident of Mass Death of Birds from Hail in Lugansk Region ... 83

Volyansky Yu. E. Martes foina Erol. in Odessa ... 84


Mamontova-Solukha V. A., Cherkasova I. A. Methods of Obtaining the Preparation of Aphisides on Gum Arabic Mixture ... 87

Men of Science

Pidoplichko I. G. V. O. Kovalevsky (1842-1883) - the Classic of Evolutionary Paleontology ... 89

Girenko L. L., Litvinenko E. F. In Memory of Vasily Spiridonovich Vasilenko ... 90

Criticism and Bibliography

Puchkova L. V. Review on the Book by A. G. Sharov "Basic Arthropodan Stock" ... 94

Logachev E. D. Review on the Book by M. N. Dubinina "Ligulidae (Cestoda) of the USSR Fauna" ... 94

News Items

Fedorenko A. P. VIII International Congress of Biologists-Experts at Hunting ... 95