1968, ¹ 2 (March - April)

Gimmelreikh G. A. Effect of Nutrition Function on the Cephalic Intestine Formation in Vertebrates. I. Primary Water Vertebrates

Pryakhin I. M. Bone Tissue Resistance to Alternating Voltages

Naumova N. A. On the Problem of Age Changes of Skin and Its Nerve Elements in Sheep

Skufyin K. V. The Structure of the At-Soil (Herpetobium) Invertebrate Inhabitants under Conditions of Forest-Steppe Landscapes of Voronezh Region

Mamontova-Solukha V. A. New Species of Aphidinea (Homoptera) in the Ukrainian Steppes

Tereznikova E. M. Review of the Coccoidca (Insecta, Homoptera) of the Crimea according to Landscape Areas

Zelinskaya L. M. Hematologic Investigation of Porthetria dispar L. and Prediction of Its Quantity

Zhiltsova L. A. A Review of Plecoptera of the Ukrainian Carpathians. II. Families Leuctridae, Capniidae, Perlodidae, Perlidae, Chloroperlidae

Esilevskaya M. A. Ecologo-morphological Differences between Two Similar Species of Larks — Melanocorypha leucoptera Pall, and M. mongolica Pall.

Brief Notes

Lazarenko N. I. The Rocks with the Passages of Annelida in Upper Vise Deposists of the West Donbas

Kurovsky E. A. Morphological Differences between the Cranial Bones of Carassius carassius L. and C. auratus gibelio Bloch

Parukhin A. M. New Trematoda Representatives of the Family Acanthocolpidae Luhe, 1909 in the Food-Fish of the South Atlantic

Sigareva D. D. On Flax Affection with Meloidogyne marioni (Cornu) in the Ukraine

Golubnichaya L. V. The Finding of Lim.nocyih.ere psatnmophila Flossner, 1965 (Crustacea, Ostacoda) in the Soviet Union


Padchenko I. K. On a Simplified Method of Cultivation and Prolonged Preservation of Trichomonades

Men of Science

Girenko L. L. Pavel Alexeevich Sviridenko

Nazarenko L. F. In Memory of F. I. Strautman

Criticism and Bibliography

Agarkov B. G. Review on the Book by D. Kh. Kamidov, A. A. Voitkevich, K- A. Zufarov, G. A. Ovchinnikova «Suprarenal Gland»

Samosh V. M. Review on the Book «Ondatra Zibethica of West Siberia»