1968, ¹ 3 (May - June)

Pidoplichko I. G. Karl Marx of the Organic World

Levchenko I. A., Shalimov I. I. The Role of a Suite of Prospecting Honey Bees in Transfer of Information on Spatial Position of Food

Abrosimova A. M., Vasina O. G., Gumenyuk S. B. On the Problem of Distant Orientation of Roach in the Kiev Reservoir

Nechaev V. A., Nazarov Yu. N. On Nourishment of Thrushes in South Primorye

Mezhzherin V. A., Finagin L. K. Seasonal and Age Changes of Cholesterol Content in the Brain of Representatives of the Genus Sorex

Shevchenko N. T. Seasonal Changes of Metabolism and Some Hematologic Indices in Microtus arvalis Pall, under Conditions of the Ukraine

Boshko G. V. Ecology of Chrysops (Heterochrysops) italicus Mg., 1804 (Diptera, Tabanidae)

Teresnikova E. M. Food Plants of Coccoidea (Homoptera) of the Crimea

Klyuchko Z. F. On Studying the Noctuidae Fauna of the Crimea II. Subfamily Agrotinae (Noctuidae, Lepidoptera)

Shevchenko A. K. Ecologo-faunistic Investigations of Culicinae (Diptera) in the Ukraine

Fedorenko I. A. Mallophaga of Snipes of the Northern Area of the Black Sea. II. Suborder Ischnocera

Pidoplichko I. G. On Origin of the Names of Some Birds. «Birds of Sun»


Vladyshevsky D. V. On the Methods of Animal Distribution

Men of Science

Kistyakovsky A. B. The Academician P. P. Sushkin

Mazurmovich B. N. Nikolai Vasilievich Bobretsky

Gelfenbein L. L. Alexander Vikentievich Chernai as a Zoologist