Year 1969, No. 2 (March - April)

Melman Å. P. On Functional Value of Human Vermicular Appendix in the Light of Its Phylogenetic Development

Mordvinov Yu. E. Body as a Carrying Plane and Flotation of Some Pinnipedia

Tumanov I. L. Interspecific Differences in Indices of Motor Activity of Murinae Rodents

Abelentsev V. I., Kolyushev I. I., Krochko Yu. I., Tatarinov K. A. Results of Chiroptera Ringing in the Ukrainian SSR for 1939—1967. Communication II

Beló N. D. Vimba vimba vimba natio corinata (Pall.) in the Kakhovka Reservoir

Pinchuk V. I. On the Gobiidae Family from Caucasian Rivers of the Black Sea Basin

Dmitrenko E .M. Siluroidei from the North-Western Part of the Indian Ocean (a Determinant). Communication II

Stepanyan L.S. New Data on Distribution of Some Passeriformes in the Caucasus

Tatarinov K. A. Jaw of Felis spelaea Goldfuss from the Bed of the Vishnya River

Rudnev D. F., Karasyov V. S. Insects — Main Pests of Willows in Plavni Forests of the Ukraine and Measures of Pest Control

Lavrukh Î. V. On Studying the Fauna and Ecology of Beetles from the Attelabidae and Curculionidae Families Trophically Connected with Poplars under Conditions of Western Regions of the Ukraine

Sevastianov V. D. New Genus and Species of Mites of the Pyemotidae (Trombidiformes) Family and Their Position in this Family

Stadnichenko A. P. On Some Disturbances in Fat Metabolism in Freshwater Gastropoda Invaded with Trematoda Larvae

Brief Notes

Zaitsev E. F. On Seats of Hoplocampa testudinea ÊIug. Reproduction in the Crimea

Antonenko V. V. Additional Data on Fleas of Rodents in the Dnepropetrovsk Region

Sabinevsky Â. V. Somateria mollissima L. in the Black Sea Reservation

Men of Science

Shapiro D. S. Sergei Ivanovich Medvedev (On 70 Years from His Birthday)

Voinstvensky M. A. Stanislav Semenovich Shvarts (On 50 Years from His Birthday)

Êvitnitsky-Rózhîv Yu. N. I. G. Navalikhin — a Great Naturalist of the Kazan School

Criticism and Bibliography

Ivasik V. M. Review on the Book by Ch. S. Elton «Ecology of Animal and Plant Invasion»

Yashnov V. A. How It is need not to translate scientific-popular literature, review on the Translation from English by G. E. Levitin and M. A. Shereshevskaya of the Book by R. Karrington «Biography of the Sea»

Tarashchuk V. I., Fedorenko A. P. Review on the Work by A. S. Budnichenko «Birds of Artificial Forestations in Steppe Landscape and Their Nutrition»

Information and News Items

Voinstvensky M. A., Fedorenko A. P. Conference on the Problems of the Crimean Nature Protection

Fedorenko A. P. Conference on the Problem «Biological Grounds of Mastering, Remaking and Protection of Fauna»