Year 1969, No. 3 (May - June)

Kovalsky P. A. Morphology of Segmental Innervation in Connection with Diiferention of Body Metameric Segmentation

Komarov A. V. Venous System of Pectorial Limbs of Alces alces L. and Its Valvular Apparatus. Communication I. Venous System of the Foot Area

Voronov N. P. Materials on Studying Growth Dynamics of Chicken Intestine in Embriogeny

Kirschenblatt J. D. Cainotroposes ó One of the Chief Directions of Evolutionary Process

Atsekhovskaya N. V. An Effect of Some Preparations on Bombyx mori L. Viability in Spontaneous Yellows

Shevchenko N. T. Influence of Fodder on Some Hematologic Indices and Gas Exchange in Microtus arvalis Pall

Kolybin V. A., ZelinsÍŗůa L. M. Ecologo-physiological Peculiarities of Porthetria dispar L. Population in the Lower Dnieper Area. Communication I. Structure of Population

Daniljuk A. A. On the Influence of Parasitic Hymenoptera on the Quantity of Mayetiola destructor Say

Shevchenko A. K. New and Scarcely Known Species of Ceratopogonidae (Diptera) from the Ukraine

Mizer A. V. Contribution to the Coccinellidae Fauna of the Crimea

Istomina L. P. On Studying the Fauna of Cantharidae (Coleoptera) in the Crimea

Lebedeva L. I. On Fauna of Simuliidae (Diptera) from the Ukrainian Polesie

Kravchenko V. M. On Fauna of Infusoria in the Reservoirs of the Seversky Donets Basin

Bliznyuk I. D. Experimental Infection of Fish with Freely Floating Cercarii Opisthorchis felineus Riv

Brief Notes

Soldatenko T. A. Influence of Ganguleterakis spumosa on the Host's Organism

Antonenko V. V. On the Possibility of Gamasoidea Propagation in the Fieldvole Nests during Winter

Kovalyov A. V. Change of Some Morphological Characters in Ontogeny of Calanus helgolandicus —laus (Crustacea, Copepoda)

Ivasik V. M., Karpenko I. M., Kulakovskaya O. P. Effect of Pond Being Unflooded on Carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) Invasion witbt Helminths

Volyansky Yu. E. On Fauna Suctoria of Mus sergii Valch Nests in the South-Western Ukraine

Zaitsev E. F. Diapause of Hoplocampa testudineae  lug under Conditions of the Crimean Foothill

Chervatyuk T. V. New Data on Motacilla flava L. in the Soviet Carpathians

Men of Science

Abelentsev V. I. In Memory of Yakov Panteleymonovich Zubko

Information and News Items

Galaka B. A. The Second All-Union Conference on Registration of Hunting Animals in the Big Territories