Year 1969, No. 4 (July - August)

Matveev Â. S. On the Problems of Evolutionary Morphology

Chernyshenko L. V. Morpho-functional Peculiarities of Endothelium of Lymphatic Capillaries of Rabbit's Small Intestine

Shcherbak N. N. and Sharpilo V. P. Data on Taxonomy, Ecology and Parasitology of Reptilia from the Kuril Islands. Communication 1

Chernobay V. F. Nev Species of Corvidae Cestoda—Satyolepis skrjabini sp. n. (Hymenolepididae)

Yurakhno M. V. New Trematoda — Orthosplatichnus oculatus sp. n. (Campulidae) — Parasite of Odobaenus rosmarus divergens Illigeă

Dîlgikh A. V. On Invasion of Hydrobia ventrosa of the Tiligul Estuary by Microphallidae Larvae

Pilyavsky B. R. Season Migrations of Microtus agrestis L. in Subalpine Meadows of Chernogora of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Communication I

Korotkevich E. L. Large Representative of Felidae from the Paleocene of South of the Ukraine

Moroz V. N., Spivak E. G. Characteristic of the Spawning Herd, Spawning and Fecundity of Perca fluviatilis L. of the Danube Delta Basins

Golubnichaya L. V. Ostracoda (Crustacea) of the Desna Basin and its Tributaries

Apostolov L. G. On the Problem of Structure of the Destructive Insect Population of Southern-East Ukraine

Grimalsky V. I. Value of Formica cinerea Mŕór. as an Entomophage in the Ukraine

Pidoplichko I. G., Kistyakovsky Ŕ. B., Ęîăneev A. P., Vereshchagin N. K. Pseudo-science under the Guise of Searching for Neanderthaloids

Brief Notes

Agarkov G. B. Reactive Peculiarities of Adrenal Nervous Apparatus of Some Monkeys during Irradiation

Skorik A. F. New Occurrence of the Relics of the Late Pliocene Small Mammals in the Nikolaev Region of the Ukrainian SSR

Ęarasev V. S. On Studying Hyponomeuta rorella Hb

Lîshŕęîv A. S. On Ecology of Apus apus L.

Faytelson M. I. Parus cristatus L. in the Dendropark «Sofievka»

Men of Science

Obtemperansky S. I. Ilya Ilyich Barabash-Nikiforov

Critics and Bibliography

Puchkova L. V. Review on R. H. Kobben's Book «Evolutionary trends in Heteroptera. Part. 1. Eggs, architecture of the shell, gross embryology and eclosion»

Yaremenko I. I. Review on the book «The Nature of the Ukrainian Carpathians», edited by Ę. I. Gerenchuk

SkaIon V. N. Review on A. B. Kistyakovsky's and A. P. Korneev's Book «Manual on Zoogeography. Edition II»