Year 1969, No. 5 (September - October)

Fedorenko A P. Urgent Problems of Investigations in the Field of Fauna Protection

Bashenina N. V. Investigation of Clethrionomis prater Thomas, 1908 under Laboratory Conditions

Samosh V. M. Response of Two Colour Forms (Black and Red) of Cricetus cricetus L. to the Temperature Gradient

Korolyev V. A. Peculiarities of the Embryogenesis of the Martes foina rosanovi

Melman E. P., Msimu Yu. A., Shevhu M. G. On Plasticity of the Arterial Bed of Dog Heart and Lungs under the Conditions of Disturbed Blood Circulation

Danilova E. I., Svistun V. I. Morpho-functional Analysis of the Pectoral Extremities of Dinotherium from vil. Gusyatin of Ternopol Region

Opalatenko L. K. Fish-limnophyls from the Upper Dniester Basin. Communication I

Mize A. V. On the Fauna of Beetles of Coccinellidae Family from the Forest and Forest-Steppe Zones of the Left-bank Ukraine

Lobaev I. I. On the Peculiarities of Mass Reproduction of Zeuzera pyritia L.

Dbsh I. G. On Studying the Postembryonic Development of Phaneroptera jalcata Pd (Tettigoniidae, Orthoptera)

Kelimbetov P. K. Ecology of Rhizopertha dominica F. (Bostrychidae, Coleoptera) and Its Harmfulness in Tajikistan

Kornyushin V. V. Revision of Genus Kowalewskiella Baczynska, 1914 (Cestoda, Cyclophyllidea). Communication I

Valentu E. I. On Investigation of the Ecology of Wohlfahrtia magnifica Shin

Tatarinov K. A. The Truth is the Essence

Zolotukhina S. I. Dependence of A and E Vitamin Content in liver of Microtias arvalis Pall, on Age and Sex of the Animal

Brief Notes

Shcherbak N. N. Is there Eremias arguta (Pall.) in Turkey?

Sigareva D. D. Harmfulness of Pratylenchus pratensis (De Man, 1880) Filipjev, 1936, on Flax

Nauruzbaeva E. Ch. On Probable Participation of Mice in Transfer of Lambliasis Agent

Men of Science

Pidoplichko I. G. I. A. Zarudny as Zoologist and Traveller

Information and News Items

Fedorenko A. P., Ardamatskaya . B. On Death of Swans at Hibernation in 1968/69

Gala B. A. Ail-Union Scientific-Practical Conference on the Problem Natural Output and Productivity of Hunting Forests in the USSR