Year 1969, No. 6 (November - December)

Nazarchuk G. K., Kistyakovsky ņ. ¬., Smogorzhevsky L. A.,Shulman L. M. Solar Navigation of Birds

Lysov E. S. The Skin Temperature and Its Topography in Some Species of Birds 20 Pavlovsky Yu. A. Anatomy and Macro-Micromorphology of Pelvic Periosteum Nerves in Horse

Shevchenko L. S. Effect of Dichlorodiphenyl trichloroethane (DDT) and Dimethyl-2,2,2-trichloroxyethylphosphate on Generative Function of Lepus curopaeus Pallas, 1778

Putshkov V. G. New Species ó a Double among Heteroptera, found by Its Larva Phase in Genus Physatocheila Fieb. (Heteroptera, Tingidae)

Savchenko E. N. The Taxonomic Status, Geographical Distribution and Intraspecific Structure of the Limoniid-fly Dactylolabis aberrans Sav. (Diptera, Limoniidae)

Kljutshko Z. F. On Studying of the Crimean Noctuidae Fauna. Communication IV. Subfamily Cuculliinae (Lepidoptera)

Ermolenko V. M., Apostolov L. G. Materials on the Safwly Fauna (Hymenoptera, Symphyta) in the Dnepropetrovsk Region of the Ukrainian SSR)

Monchenko V. I., Polishchuk V. V. On Harpacticoida (Crustacea) in the Soviet Part of the Lower Danube and Its Delta

KostenkÓ S. M. On Some Intraspecific Forms of Trichodina nigra Lom, 1960 (Ciliata, Urceolariidae)

Timchenko N. G. Concerning the Characteristic of Bos taurus domesticus L. from Old Russian City of Voin

Brief Notes

Shcherbak G. I. On Study of the Species Androlaelaps karawaiewi ¬erIese, 1903 (Parasitiformes, Gamasoidea)

Sharpilo L. D., Kornyushin V. V. Finding of Armatetrathyridia (Taeniidae, Cestoidea) in Ondatra zibethica in the Ukraine


Pristavko V. P. On the Methods fod Studying the Dynamics of Population Quantity and Density of Insects Flying to Ultra-violet Radiation

Men of Science

Pidoplichko I. G. G. Kuvie as a Comparative Anatomist, Zoologist and Geologist

Information and News Items

Galaka B. A. The IX International Congress of BiologistsóSpecialists in Hunting

Fedorenko A. P. The V Ail-Union Conference of Ornithologists

Pogrebnyak L. P. Scientific-Practical Conference of Parasitologists