Year 1970, No. 1 (January - February)

Borisov I. N. Histogenesis of Skeletal Muscles of Reptilia and Some Problems of Evolution of Amniota Myogenesis

Burachinsky M. T. Comparative-anatomical Data on the Lumen of Vertebrate Kidneys

Kovtun M. F. Morpho-functional Analysis of Chiroptera Shoulder Muscles in Connection with their Flight

Ametov Zakir. On Anatomical Substantiation of Indefatigability Mechanism in Birds during their Rest and Ground Locomotion

Shherb N. N.. Sharpil V. N. Materials on Taxonomy, Ecology and Parasitofauna of Reptiles from the Kuril Is'ands. Communication II

Opalatenko L. K. Limnophilous Fish of the Upper Dniester Basin. Communication II

Volchanetsky L ., Lisetsky A. S., Kholupyak Yu. K. On the Formation of Ornitofauna in the Artificial Stands of the South Ukraine during 19361967

Volkov N. I. Behaviour of Tetrao urogallus L. Nestlings at Different Temperatures of the Air

Pilyavsky B. R. Seasonal Migration of Microtus agrestis L. on Subalpine Meadow of Chernogory of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Communication II

Abelensev V. I., Kolyushev I. I., Krochko Yu. I., Tatarinov K. A. The Resu'ts of Ringing Chiroptera in the Ukrainian SSR for 19391967. Communication III

nukha M. D. Peculiarities of Reproduction of Earigaster integriceps Put.

Istomina I. P. On Dis'ribution of Soldier Beetles (Coleoptera, Cantharididae) on the Right-Bank Ukraine

Migulin A. A., Kudryavtsev V. S. Biological Parameters of Individuals of Insect Populations and Dynamic of their Quantity

Brief Notes

Muravvova S. I., Treshchev V. V. New Cestoda Priapocephalus eschrichtii sp. n. (Tetrabothriidae) a Parazite of Grey Whale (Eschrichtius gibbosus Erxleben, 1777) from the Chukotsk Sea

Men of Science

Kassianenko V. G. Dombrovsky Bronislav A'eksandrovich (on 85th Anniversary of His Birth)

Mazurmovich B. N. In Memory of Nikolai Mikhailovich Voskresensky (18891969)

Information and News Items

Padchenko I. K., Kostenko S. M. On Organization of the Ukrainian Division of All-Union Society of Protozoologists