Year 1970, No. 4 (July - August)

Yalynskaya N. S. Ecologo-physiological Connections of Eugregarinida with Gammarus (Amphipoda) from the Sources of the Dniester

Korsunovskaya G. A. Response of Vagina Epithelium of Ovariectomied Albino Rats to the Estrogens on the Background of the Effect of Ascaris suum Goeze, 1782 Cavitary Liquid

Tăŕńh V. N. Strongylata Females (Nematoda, Strongulata Railliet et Henry, 1913). Communication IV. Females of Some Oesophagostomum Molin, 1861

Antonenko V. V. Gamasoidea (Parasitiformes)—Dominating Inhabitants of Rodent Hair in the Middle Dnieper Area and Their Nests

Dulitsky A. I., Kormilitsyn A. A. Ovis musimon Pallas, 1811, in the Crimea

Treus V. D., Lobanov N. V. Breeding of Zebras in Askaniya Nova

Letov G S., Letova G. I. Data to the Fauna of Ectoparasites of Mountain Field-Voles from the Alticola Genus in Tuva and Adjucent Territories of Mongolia

Markov Geîrgy. Ecologo-zoogeographical Characteristic of Rodents in Bulgaria

Galantsev V. P., Tumanov I. L. Ecologo-physiological Characteristic of Respiratory Function of Blood and Pulmonary Respiration of Rodents

Cherkashchenko N. I., Kushniruk V. A., Sharov A. A. Age, Sex and Seasonal Electrophoretic Characteristic of Blood Serum Proteins in Some Bat Species

Gursky I. G. The Form of Bite and Tooth Obliteration

Lobko P. I. Materials to the Problem on Structure of Vegetative Nervous System in Talpa europeaea L.

Putshkîv V. G. On the Genus Asciodema Reuter, 1878 (Heteroptera, Miridae) and Description of Two New Species of Miridae from the Stavropol Region

Petrusenko A. A., Petrusenko S. V. Concerning the Study of Carabidae Ariba Pogonini (Coleoptera) from the Ukrainian Fauna

Dzhambazishvili Ya. S. Data to Studying of Lamellicornia (Coleoptera) from Tbilisi and Its Environs

Pidoplichko I. G. Should the Scientific Terminology and Nomenclature be Specified?

Brief Notes

Koval V P., Shevchenko N. N. New Trematode Pseudosphaerostomum caudatestis gen. n., sp. n. from the Fresh-water Fish

Shevtshenko A. K. New Species of Blood-sucking Biting Midges (Diptera, Ceratopogonidae) from the Steppe of the Ukraine

Ęudel K. A., Tsóbulska G. N. Parasites and Predators of Grapholitha delineana Walk

Smogorzhevsky L. A. Flying of Hydroprogne tschegrava Lepeńhin through the Territory of Ukraine

Dzhubanov A. Settling of Columba livia G m. in the Urals Region

Men of Sciences

Zambriborzh F. S., Grinbart S. B., Chernyshenko A. S. In Memory of Aleksandr Romulovich Prendel (1888—1970)

Pidoplichko I. G. In Memory of Veniamin Iosifovich Tsalkin (1903—1970)

News Items

Smogorzhevsky L. A. The VII Baltic Ornithological Conference