Year 1970, No. 6 (November - December)

Frantsevich L. I., Mokrushov P. A., Suprunovich A. V., Yushina L. A. Optomotor Response in Beetles Geotrupes (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae)

Shevchenko A. K. New Species of Ceratopogonidae of the Genus Culicoides from the Ukraine

Minoransky V. A., Kharchenko V. I., Fomichov A. I. Some Data on Sceliphron destillatorium   I. (Sphecidae, Hymenoptera)

Mizer A. V. On Eating of Beetles from Coccinellidae Family by Birds

FedkÓ I. A. Ecological Characteristic of Zabrus tenebrioides GÓeze and Substantiation Periods for Its Control

Dyadechko N. P., Simchuk P. A. On a Number of Ages in Zeuzera pyrina L. Caterpillars

Petrusenko A. A., Petrusenko S. V. Ecologo-faunistic Review of Tiger Beetle from the Genus Cicindela L. (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in the Ukraine

Padchenko I. K. On a Life Cycle of Lamblia in Organism of Some Animal Species

Smogorzhevsky L. A. On the Swallow Ability to Orientation when Sun Is Invisible

őleinikov N. S., KazŗkÓv ¬. A. On Ecology of Panurus biarmicus L. in the Northern Caucasus

Lobanov N. V., Treus V. D. Antelopes of the Genus Connochaetes in Nature and in Askaniya-Nova


Vasiliev V. P., Pristavko V. P. A Light-trap Study of Laspeyresia pomonella L. (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae) Flight Dynamics and Population Quantity

Brief Notes

Koval V. P., Kashkovsky V. V. On Studying Trematoda of the Species Sphaerostomum bramae (Muller, 1776)

Skryabin A. S. Cases of Finding Ogmogaster antarcticus Johnston, 1931 (Notocotylidae Luhe, 1909) in Liver of Balaenoptera borealis Lesson

Smogorzhevskaya L. A., Kornyushin V. V., Bevolskaya M. V. On Helminthofauna of Rhea americana L. in the Askaniya-Nova Reservation

Filonov K. P., LůsenkÓV. I., Reva P. P. Nesting of Podiceps cristatus L. on Molochny Estuary in the Sea of Azov

Melnichuk V. A. Expansion of Terekia cinerea Guld Areal in Connection with Formation of the Kiev Reservoir

Men of Science

Mazurmovich B. N. On Life and Activity of S. E. Kushakevich (1878ó1920)

Matvienko S. I. The Kiev Period of Life of Academician A. F. Middendorf

Reshetnik E. G. In Memory of Nikolai Vasilievich Sharleman (1887ó1970)

Criticism and Bibliography

Chebotarev R. S., Zharikov I. S. Review on Book ęņ Guide in Microbiology, Clinic and Epidemiology of Infectious DiseasesĽ, vol. IX

RekaŮh V. N., SusidkÓ P. I. Review on the Book by ¬. V. Dobrovolsky ęPhenology of InsectsĽ