Year 1971, No. 3 (May - June)

Kistyakovsky A. B. Carnivora and Hunting

Sviridenko P. A. Apodemus agrarius Pall. Under Conditions of the Ukraine. Communication I. Reproduction

Gladkina T. S., Chentsova N. Yu. Food Storing by Microlus arvalis Pall

Lībanīv N. V., Treus V. D. Reproduction of Ammotragus lervia Pall, at the Zoo Askaniya-Nova

Iskova N. I. On Studying the Trematode Fauna of the Passeriform Birds in the Ukraine

Ochapovsky V. S. On Phoenicurus phoenicurus samamisicus Hablizl of the Norlh-Western Forecaucasia

Lutsyuk Ī. Ā., Nazarchuk G. K. On the Problem of Possible Orientation of Birds by Geomagnetic Field

Voronin F. N. Królov V. V. Fish of Lake Vygonovskoe and Fishery. Communication II

Kolybin V. A., Zelinskaya L. M. Ecologo-physiological Peculiarities of Porlhetria dispar L. Population in the Low Dnieper Area. Communication III. Effect of Fodder on the Qualitative Composition of Pupa Body

Zerova M. D. Peculiarities of Fodder Connections of Chalcids of the Family Eurytomidae (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea)

Logvinenko V. N. Genus Tachycixium W. Wgn. (Homoptera, Cixiidae) and Description of Two New Species from the USSR

Zaitsev V. F. On Revision of the Genus Aristolhereva Frey (Diptera, Therevidae) from Paleoarctic. Communication I

Gurvich V. V. Species Composition and Quantity of Testacea (Rhizopoda) in the Region of Dnieper from Zhlobin to Kanev

Brief Notes

Muntyanu A. I. Nesting of Netta rufina Pall, in Moldavia

Darevsky I. S., Drozdov N. N. Orlova V. F. New Data on Geographical Distribution of Pelodytes caucasicus Boulenger (Amphibia, Salienlia)

Valentyuk E. I. The First Stage Larvae of Species from the Genus Wohlfahrtia Ā. a B. 1889 (Diptera, Sarcophagidae) from the Crimea and Northern Black Sea Area

Antsyshkina L M., Ńhaplina A. M. On Two Species of the Genus Dactylogyrus (Monogenoideae. Dactylogyridea) New for Basins of the Sleppe Zone of the Ukraine

Men of Science

Darevsky I. S., Tarashchuk V. I., Khosatzky L. I. In Memory of Pavel Viktorovich Terentiev (1903—1970)

Criticism and Bibliography

Pogrebnyak L. P., Tabina Ī. V., Belik A. F. Taxonomic Index of Scientific Researches of the Institute of Zoology of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR for 1926—1941

Information and News Items

Rogatko I. V. Conference on Popiilaiion Stinclure of Species of Mammals