Year 1971, No. 4 (July - August)

Sokur I. T. Study of Populations of Harmful Rodents in Agrobiocenoses of the Ukraine

Mikhailov V. A., Tatarinov K. A. Zoogeographical Zonafion of Hungary

Benkovsky L. M. Migration of Mustela (Mustela) vison Schr. in the Sakhalin Region

Smirnov P. K., Kao Van Shung. Seasonal Variation of 0xygen Consumption by Nesokia indica Gray and Rattus norvegicus Āećk

Komarov A. V. Venous System of Thoracic Limbs of Alces alces L. and Its Valve Apparatus. Communication II. Venous System in Antebrachial, Brachial and Scapular Regions

Borusevich V. P. Micromorphology of Intramural Nerves of Sex Organs in Females of Alopex lagopus L.

Topachevsky V. A. Remains of Sciurotamias gromovi (Rodentia, Striuridae) y from the Upper Miocene Deposits of the Black Sea Area in the Ukraine

Sagitov A. K., Bakaev S. B. Nesting Life of Falco tinnunculus tinnunculus L. in the Lower Zarafshan

Shcherbak N. N. Ecology of Eremias przewalski Str

Komarov V. T. Speeds of Fish Movement

Akhmedov R. M. Diurnal Rhythm of Nutrition of Caterpillars Agrotis ypsilon Rītt. and Agrotis exclamationis L. under Laboratory and Natural Conditions

Ryazantseva A. E. On Fauna of Blood-Sucking Midges from the Donetsk Region

Brief Notes

Begeka A. D. Peculiarities of Antebrachium Muscle Structure of Talpa europaea L.

Makrushin A. V. A Case of Development of Parthenogenetic Embryo in Ovary of Moina macrocopa Straus (Cladocera, Crustacea)

Men of Sciences

Ivanenko I. D., Reshetnik E. G. In Memory of Nikolai Ivanovich Gavrilenko (1889—1971)

Criticism and Bibliography

Tobias V. I., Pesenko Yu. A. Review on the Books: A. Z. Osychnyuk «Fauna of the Ukraine», vol. 12, «Apidae», ed. 4, «Bees-Colletidae». K., 1970

Information and News Items

Akimov I. A., Shcherbak G. I. The II All-Union Congress of Theoritical and Applied Acarology

Galaka B. A. The X International Congress of Biologists — Specialists in Hunting

Kolybin V. A. VII International Congress on Plant Protection