Year 1971, No. 6 (November - December)

Kryshtal A. F. Most Important Problems of Applied Entomology Development in the Ukraine

Savchenko E. N. Afrolimnophila A l.—a Subgenus of the Limoniid-Flies (Diptera,Limoniidae) New for the Palaearctic Fauna

Anikina Z. L. On Cognition of Hover Fliess-Aphydophages (Diptera, Syrphidae) from the Ukrainian Carpathians

Lavrukh Î. V. Materials to the Fauna and Ecology of Leaf Rollers (Coleoptera, Attelabidae) of the Ukraine. Communication I

Petrusenko A. A., Petrusenko S. V. Ecologo-faunistic Review of Ground Beetles from the Genus Chlaenius Bon (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in the Ukraine

Mulyarskaya L. V. Guliev M. G., Shchirova L. F., Talybov A. N. Data on Trombiculids (Acariformes, Trombiculidae) Fauna in the Nakhichevan ASSR

Sergienko M. I. Parasitic Worms of Lari from the Upper Dniester Basin

Fedorenko A. P., Antipchuk Yu. P., Rogatko I. V. Some Morphophysiological and Biochemical Changes in Mammals Induced by the Effect of Insecticides under Experimental Conditions

Smirnov A. I. On Studying of Gobio Cuvier from the Ukraine

Ilienko N. N. Peculiarities of Extra- and Intraorganic Innervation of Carpus Capsule in Some Mammals Due to Support Type and Movement Speed

Tatarinov K. A., Marisova I. V. Fossil Anthropogenous Birds in the Western Regions of the Ukraine


Kolybin V. A., Shvedova P. I. On the Problem of Hyphantria cunea Druăó Breeding on Artificial Media

Brief Notes

Koval N. F. On Adaptation of Some Species of Hollow-nesting Birds to Protection of Progeny from Ectoparasites

Zdun V. I. Distribution of Fasciola hepatica L. Adolescaria on Pastures in Arid Summer

Usova Z. V., Yaroshenko N. N. Beetle Mites (Acariformas, Oribatei) from the «Kamennye mogily» Division of the Ukrainian State Steppe Reservation of the Ukrainian SSR

Anufriev G. A. Straganiassus — a New Genus of Leafhoppers of Jassinae Subfamily from the Far East

Ermolenko V. M. Macrophya minerva Benson (Mymenoptefa, Tenthredinidae) — the Balkan Element in the Fauna of the South-Western Ukraine

Sharpilî V. P., Mînńhenęî V. I. On Life Cycle of Ophiotaenia europaea Odening, 1963 (Cestoda, Ophiotaeniidae)

Information and News Items

Shevchenko L. S. All-World Hunting Exhibition in Budapest