Year 1972, No. 1 (January - February)

Kasiyanenko V. G. Cognitive Power of Comparative Method in Dialectical-Materialistic Solution of Theoretical Problems of Biology

Shchegolkov A. N. Localization of Functional Structures in Knee Joint

Mordvinov Yu. E. Manoeuvrability of Pinnipedia

Melnichuk V. A., Solomonova N. K. On Inertial Navigation of Birds

Sergienko M. I. Parasitic Worms of Anatidae from the Upper Dniester Basin

Kormilitsyn A. A., Dulitsêó A. I. On Reacclimatization of Sus scrofa L. in the Crimea

Sakhno I. I. Distribution and Quantity of Marmota bobac Mull in the Voroshilovgrad Region

Shcherbukha A. Ya. On Heterogeneity of Vimba vimba natio carinata (Pall.) Schools from the Don and Kuban

Maksunov V. A. On Nemachilus kuschakewitschi from the Basins of the Ferhana Valley

Akhmedov R. M. Dependence of Caterpillar Development Duration of Agrotis exclamationis L. Different Geographic Forms in Temperature and Light Conditions

Stadnichenko A. P. Review of Fauna and Ecology of Freshwater Gastropoda from the Western Regions of the Ukraine


Koval N. F., Samarsky S. L. A Device to Registrate Diurnal Activity of Hollow-nesting Birds

Brief Notes

Sviridenko P. A. Apodemus agrarius Pall. under Conditions of the Ukraine. Communication III. Variation in Quantity

Tryapitsyn V. A. A New Species of the Genus Paraschedius Merñet Hymenoptera, Encyrtidae) from the East Crimea

Yaroshenko N. N. Concerning the Oribatidae Fauna from the Azov Sea Coast

Kirichenko L. G. Some Morpho-fusiological Changes in Rats with Heren Carcinoma Induced by the Effect of Phosphemide and Tiophosphemide

Criticism and Bibliography

Alpatov V. V. Review on Book by L. V. Belousov, A. A. Gurvich, S. Ya. Zalkind, N. N. Kannegiser «Alexandr Gavrilovich Gurvich, 1874—1954»

Voinstvensky M. A., Fedorenko A. P. Review on Book by D. F. Rudnev, N. E. Kononova «Nature and Agricultural Chemicals»

Information and News Items

Akimov I. A., Shcherbak G. I. The III International Congress of Acarologists

Zerova M. D. Conference on Problem of Biological Methods of Plant Protection