Year 1972, No. 3 (May - June)

rshtal A. F., Vitrv-Nabv . V., Sheremet V. P. Problem of Blood-Sucking Flies and Ways of Its Solution under Conditions of Ukraine

Kolesova D. A. Pear Aphids of Anurahis Guercio Genus with Crimea

Sazhina L. I. Ratio of Sexes and Life Longeivity of the Black Sea Copepoda (Crustacea) under Laboratory Conditions

Yaroshenko N. N., Kharchenko V. I. Beetle Mites of Birds' Nests in the Territory of the Donetsk Region

Pavlyuk L. V. A Comparative Analysis of Nematodofauna in Senecio rhombifolius Mill of the First and Third Years of Vegetation

Gagarin V. G. On Nematoda Fauna in the Uchinskian Reservoir

ilko V. P., Vbrnaya L. I. Age Variability of Fish from the Gobiidae Family

Pavlov P. I., Shcherbukha A. Ya. On Studying Morphology of the Dnieper Fish from the Leuciscus (Cyprinidae) Genus and Their Taxonomic Affinity

Meisner E. E., Glversi E. V. Field Determination Table of Penguins (Spheniscidae, Natantes)

Molodovsky A. V. On Reproduction of Anas clypeata L. in the Gorky Reservoir

val N. F., Samars S. L. Peculiarities of Passer montanus L. Reproduction in Fruit Plantations of the Middle Dnieper Area

Senyk A. F. Sorex araneus L. from the Ukrainian Carpathians

Lobko P. I. Anatomy of Solar Plexus Nodes and Their Relations in Sciurus vulgaris L.


Gensitsky I. P., Bogach A. V. Photometric Method for Determination of Egg Quantity in Hyphantria cunea Dr. Ovipositions

Kotok V. S., Moroz V. F. On the Probem of Methods to Calibrate Mechanograms of Mammal Limb Joints

Brief Notes

Pupkov V. A. On Characteristic of Seasonal Dynamics Quantity and Biomass of Zoobenthos in Yagorlytsky and Tendrovsky Bays of the Black Sea

Skryabin A. S., Muravieva S. I. First Finding of Cestodas Tetrabothrius curilensis (Tetraphyllidea) in Physeter catodon L., Caught in the Antarctic Waters

Smogorzhevsky L. A. Effect of Unfavourable Meterological Conditions on Winter Avifauna of Ashkhabad and Its Vicinity

Criticism and Bibliography

Mashtaler G. A. Review on Book by A. A. Slyusarev Biology with General Genetics

Information and News Items

Kostenko S. M. The First Congress of the All-Union Society of Protozoologists