Year 1972, No. 4 (July - August)

Sokur I. Ď. Measures of Harvest Protection from Harmful Rodents in the Ukraine and Perspectives of their Improvement

Korotkevich E. L. Main Stages in Development of the Late Miocene Fauna of Ungulata and Proboscidea in the Northern Black Sea Area

Odintsova L. A. Morphological Data on Functional Activity of the Mesentery Lymphoid Nodules of Makakus rhesus

Filonov K. P. Quantity of Birds in Different Landscapes of the North Azov Sea Area

Loskot V. M. Intraspecific Variability and Taxonomy of Oenanthe picata (Blyth)

Strautman I. F. Nutrition and Food Interrelations of Gobies (Fam. Gobiidae) from the Dniester Liman

Lyalyushko D. M. Orientation of Rana esculenta L.

Mokrushov P. A. Visual Stimuli in the Behaviour of Dragonflies. I. Hunting and Settling in Libellula quadrimaculata L.

Punchkova L. V. Larval and Postlarval Segments of the Insect Head

Sikura A. I., Sikura L. V., Trebesova R. M. Effect of Decreased Doses of Some Insecticides on Reproductive System of Leptinotarsa decemlineata Saˇ

Falkovich M. I. New Middle Asia Species of Casebearers (Lepidoptera, Coleophoridae) Living on Artemisia

Brovdy V. M. Peculiarities in Distribution and Ecology of Leaf Beetles of the Genus Luperus Geoffr. (Coleoptera, Chrysomellidae) in the Ukraine

Valentyuk E. I. Maggot Morphology of Wohlfahrtia balassogloi Ports˝h, 1882 (Diptera, Sarcophagidae)

Brief Notes

Rudik S. ╩. Effect of Despiration Activity on the Dimensions of the Nasal Cavity Entrance in Ruminantia (Mammalia, Artiodactyla)

Pavlovsky Yu. A. Some Regularities of Macro-Micromorphology of Periosteum Nerves of Pelvic Limbs in Some Domastic Mammals

Samosh V. M. Growth and Development of Cricetus cricetus L.

Sukhodolskaya N. K. Spring High-Flood and Animals

Criticism and Bibliography

Budnichenko A. S. Review on Book źLife of Animals╗, vol. V. Birds

Shcherbak N. N. Review on the Book by Bannikov A. G., Darevsky I. S., Rustamov A. K. źAmphibia and Reptiles of the USSR╗

Information and News Items

Ermolenko V. M., Osychnyuk A. Z. Conference of the Section of Insect Protection of International Mountain Committee

Zolotukhina S. I., Emelyanov I. G. The All-Union Ecological Seminar