Year 1973, No. 1 (January - February)

Fedorenko A P. On Changes in Biogeocenoses in Connection with Biosphere Contamination

Simochko M. D. Some Peculiarities of Attracting Hollow-Nesting Birds under Transcarpathian Conditions

Shevchenko A. K., Gritsai V. V., Balabanova R. A. Concerning the Problem on Connection of Blood-sucking Dipterous Insects with Some Providers under Conditions of the Ukrainian Steppe

Verves Yu. G. On Studying the Fauna of Flies from Sarcophagidae Family in Kanev Reservation

Petrusenko A. A., Petrusenko S. V. Ground Beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae) from the Bogged up Areas of the Crimea

Valentyuk E. I. Morphology of Larva Wohlfahrtia intermedia Portsńh. 1887 (Diptera, Sarcophagidae)

Zelinskaya L. M. Possibility of Using Hematological Method to Determine Viability of Hyphantria cunea Dr.

Monchenko V. I. On the Cyclops (Crustacea, Cyclopidae) Denominations Synonymy in Papers of Some Native Zoologists of XIX Century

Tolstikova N. V. Paleogene Spheriides (Bivalvia, Pisidiidae) from South-Eastern Kazakhstan

Bibikova V. I. Bone Remains of Lion from Eneolithic Settlements of the North-western Black Sea Area

Kotok V. S. Concerning Dependence of Dog Locomotor Cycle Parameters on Its Motion Rate

Pelipenko V. I. Some Results of a Comparative-Anatomical Studying of Foot in Ballet-Dancers


Dvoinos G. M. A Device for Obtaining Matrix of Gut during Helminthological Dissections

Brief Notes

Makarchuk P. E. On Finding of Eliomys quercinus L. in the Territory of Rovno Region

Krochko Yu. I, Semistrok L. D. Change in Vitamin A Content in Liver of Nyctalus noctula Schreber and Pipistrellus pipistrellus Schreber in the Period of Hibernation under Conditions of Transcarpathian Region

Bodnarchuk L. I., Gaichenko V. A. Chromosome Set of Microtus arvalis iphigenidae Hepth., 1946 from the Mountain Crimea

Rudik S. K. Cases of Teeth Anomaly in Horse

Shcherbak N. N., Vashetko E. V. New Subspecies — Eremias scripta pherganensis ssp. n. (Reptilia, Sauria) from Uzbekistan

Korotkevich Ĺ. L., Chirka V. G., Boiko R. D. On New Finding of Aceratherium from the Early Sarmatian of the Ukraine

Criticism and Bibliography

Puchkova L. V. Review on Book by N. P. Krivosheina «Oncogenesis and Evolution of Dipterous Insects»

Information and News Items

Shŕăpilî V. P. The Seventh Scientific Conference of Parasitologists of the Ukrainian SSR

International Congress on Mammals