Year 1973, No. 3 (May - June)

Pidoplichko I. G., Molyavko G. I. Modern Tasks and Prospects in Study of the Neogene and Anthropogen Mollusks

Golubnichaya L. V. Ostracoda of the Genus Ilyocypris Brady et Norm., 1889 in the Ukrainian Fauna

Karpenko L. V. Histological and Histochemical Investigation of Musca domestica L. (Diptera, Muscidae) Fatty Body at Different Phases of Ovary Maturation

Kabanov V. A. Ecology of Selatosomus latus Fabry (Coleoptera, Elateridae) in the European Part of the USSR

Maksunov V. A. On Morphology and Ecology of Cottus spinolosus Kessl. from the Ferghana Valley

Smogorzhevsky L. A., Kotkova L. I. Characteristic of Nestlings Nutrition in Some Species of Insectivorous Synanthropic Birds

Sologor E. A., Petrusenko A. A. On Studying Nutrition of Chiroptera Order of the Middle Dnieper Area

Shevchenko N. Ò., Semenchenko V. M., Zaets A. I., ZhiviloL. I. Seasonal Changes and Age Peculiarities of Ecological and Physiological Indices of Microtus arvalis Pall, from the Left-Bank Forest Steppe of the Ukraine

Gaiduk V. E. Reproduction of Lepus europaeus Pall, in Byelorussia

Gursky I. G. Determination of Canis lupus L. Age by Skull

Kovtun M. F. Effect of Type of Support and Movement on Correlative Development of Shoulder Muscles Affecting the Ulnar Joint of Mammals

Pavlovsky Yu. A., Barsky S. M. Macro-Micromorphology of Nerves of the Knee Joint Capsule in Some Ungulata

Goncharenko L. E., Zhdanova M. V., Kvitnitskaya-Ryzhova T. Yu. On the Problem of Peculiarities of Glial Elements Ratio in Some Stem Formations of Rabbit Brain


Verves Yu. G. An Experiment of Applying Attractive Substances to Study Fleshflies (Diptera, Sarcophagidae)

Brief Notes

Akimov I. A. Dei E. A. On Appearance of Degenerated Digestive Cells with Non-digestible Remains of Food in Body Cavity of Tetranychus cinnabarinus Boisduval, 1867)

Linnik L. I. Location of Tetranychus viennensis Z. on the Tree

Kornilov A. B. On the Ecology of Anisoplia segetum Hrbst. (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae) under the Conditions of the Crimea

Maksimova V. I. Some Peculiarities in Growth of Quadrospidiotus perniciosus Comst.

Shcherbak N. N. New Subspecies of Eremias multiocellata — Eremias multiocellata bantiikowi ssp. n. (Reptilia, Sauria) from Tuva and North-Westem Mongolia

Criticism and Bibliography

Monchenko V. I. Review on Book by Vladimir Mikhailov «Euglenoidina Parasitic in Copepod». An Outline Monograph

Information and News Items

Shcherbak N. N. The 3rd Ail-Union Herpetologic Conference

Lyurin I. B. The 1st Republican Malakological Symposium