Year 1973, No. 5 (September - October)

Manziy S. F., Kovtun M. F. Zoological Aspect of Teaching on Levels for Constructing Motions of Vertebrates

Voronov N. P. Adaptive Singularities of the Digestive System of Insectivorous and Granivorous Birds

Prisyazhnyuk V. E. Weight and Size of Cervus nippon Temm from Askold Island

Filipchuk N. S. Seasonal Dynamics of Morpho-Physiological Characters in Susliks from Three South-Ukrainian Populations

Okhotina M. V. Sorex (Insectivora) of the Anadyr Lowland

Pidoplichko I. G. On Time of Lagurus lagurus Pall. Extinction on the Ukraine Right Bank Area

Kononova S. V. Contribution to Studies in the Scelionidae Fauna (Hymenoptera) in the Ukraine

Alekseev E. V. On Fauna of Blood-Sucking Midges from the Kerch Peninsula

Minoransky V. A. Dependence of the Number and Harmfulness of Opatrum sabulosum L. on Hydrothermal Conditions

Shŕăpilo L. D. Representatives of the Genus Syphacia Seurat, 1916 (Nematode, Syphaciidae) in the Fauna of the Ukrainian SSR

Murina V. V. The Fauna of Sipunculids from the Peruvian-Chillean Trench

Starovir I. S. Some Singularities in the Structure of Digestive and Excretory Systems in Phytoseiulus persimitis Athias-Henriot (Parasitiformes, Phytoseiidae)

Kolodochka L. A. Carnivorous Mites (Parasitoformes, Phytoceiidae) of the Forest-Steppe of the Ukrainian SSR. Communication I. Species of the Genus Amblyseius

Brief Notes

Yarmolenko B. N. Streptopelia decaocto Friv. in the Kirovograd Region

Kiastyakovsky Ŕ. B., Smogorzhvsky L. A. Study of Pond Tortoise Orientation

Zhiltosva L. A. The First Finding of Representatives of the Genus Bulgaroperla (Plecoptera, Perlodidae) in the Caucasus

Linnik L. I. Peculiarities in Oviposition Arrangement of Psylla pyri L. on a Tree

Gurando E. V. Some Problems of Ecology of Blastophagus minor Hartig (Coloeptera. Ipidae) under Conditions of the Kiev Polesye

Criticism and Bibliography

Tatarinov K. A. Review on «Reference Book for a Hunter and Fisherman» (edited by Prof. A. P. Komeyev)