Year 1974, No. 3 (May - June)

PidopIichko I. G. Cooperation of Native Scientists in Stydying of the Animal World (on the 250th Anniversary of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR)

Treus V. D., Lobanov N. V. Equus hemionus Pall., 1775 and Its Reproduction

Khairullin N. N. Morpho-physiological Peculiarities of Rattus norvegicus Berk from Two Populations

Senyk A. F. Morphological Peculiarities of Talpa europaea L. from the Western Regions of the Ukraine

Rogatko I. V. Dynamics of Fraction Composition of Blood Serum Proteins in Microtus oeconomus Pall, and M. transcaspicus Satun.

Letov G. S., Letova G. I. Ectoparasite Fauna in Terrestrial Nests of Microtus Sńhr. from Tuva

Dmitrenko E. M. Arius dayi sp. n. (Cypriniformes, Ariidae) from the Arabian Sea

Parukhin A. M. On Studies of Helminthofauna in Fishes of the Synodontidae Family from the Indian Ocean

Mînńhenkî V. I. A New Halicyclops (Crustacea, Copepoda) from the Dnieper—Bug Estuary

Kozakevich S. M. Species of the Genus Udea Gn. (Lepidoptera, Pyraustidae) in the Western Regions of the Ukraine

Pavlik G. N. On Fodder Relations of Gaterpillars from the Arctiidae Family

Tobias V. I., Dudarenko G. P. General Trends in Evolution of Braconidae (Hymenoptera) Abdomen

Solodovnikova V. S. On Distribution of Most Harmful Species from the Genus Apion Hrbst. (Circulationidae) in Daghestan

Brief Notes

Emeliyanov P. F., Marenich Â. I. On Distribution of Calomyscus bailwardi Thorn, in the Nakhichevan Autonomous SSR

Kirillova N. S. On Mallophaga Fauna of Corvidae and Ploceidae of Birds from the Donets Region

Sharpilo V. P. Spauligodon azerbajdzanicus sp. n. (Nematoda, Pharyngodonidae)—a Parasite of Lacerta chlorogaster Boul

Bogach A. V. Some Peculiarities of Sex Cells Formation in Hyphantria cunea Dr. Males

Kolodochka L. A. Predaceous Phytoseiid (Parasitiformes, Phytoseiidae) from the Forest-Steppes of the Ukrainian SSR. Communication III. The Key Table of Genera and Species

Criticism and Bibliography

Rudnev D. E., Lappa N. V. Review on the Book by V. M. Brovdy «Fauna of the Ukraine», vol. 19, ed. 17, «Leaf-Beetles, Galerutsins»

Information and News Items

Mezhzherin V. A., Kolybin V. A. The 5th All-Union Ecological Conference

Zhezherin V. P., Loskot V. M. The 6lh All-Union Ornithological Conference