Year 1974, No. 4 (July - August)

Novikov ┬. Q., Rudneva L. ╠. Mechanisms of Season Cyclicity of Birds' Reproduction. Communication II. Analysis of Refractory Period of Gonads in Birds

Esilevskaya M. A., Medvedev S. I. On Nutrition of Birds in Open Areas of the Ukraine

Talposh V. S. Birds from Settlements in the Transcarpathian Lowland

Evtushevsky N. N. Reproduction of Cervus nippon hortulorum Sw. under Conditions of the Middle Dnieper Area

Goncharenko L. E. KvitniskÓˇa-Rˇzhţva T. Yu., Stepanova L. V. Structure of the Auditory Centres in the Inferior Colliculi of Corpora Quadrii gemina and Internal Geniculate Bodies of Rabbits

Gorelov Yu. K., Darevsky I. S., Shcherbak N. N. Two New for the USRR Fauna Lizard Species from the Family Gekkonidae

Vozny N. E., Ivasik V. M. Some Morphological and Biochemical Blood Indices of Carps and Common Carp-Carp Hybrids with Parasite Invasion

Vasilevskaya L. K., Sklyar I. Ya., Shevchenko N. N. Dynamics of Invasion of Abramis brama from the Water Storage Reservoirs in the Kharkov Region with Tracheliastes maculatus and Data on the Morphology of This Parasite Female

Brodsky S. Ya. Crawfishes (Crustacea, Astacidae) from the Soviet Union. Communication II. Distribution of Astacus (Pontastacus) teptodacthlus Es˝hscholtz, 1823

Akimov I. A., Starovir I. S. Morpho-functional Peculiarities of Digestive System in Phytoseiulus persimilis Athias-Henriot (Gamasoidea, Phytoseiidae)

Savchenko E. N. New Palearctic Species of Limoniid-Flies (Diptera, Limonidae). VI. The Genus Dicranomyia Steph and Rhipidia Mg

Puchkov V. G. New Miridae (Heteroptera) from the Turkmenian SSR Fauna

Brief Notes

Klykov V. I., Manzy S. F., Moroz V. F. An Experimental Study of Thoracic Limb Biostatics in a Horse at Rest

Ushakov V. S. Is Snak a Toxic Fish?

Rubtsov I. A, Bey-Bienko I G. New Species of Mermitidae (Nematoda) in Hybomitra arpadi Szilady

Sigareva D. D., Krasnopolsky N. N. On Geographical Variability of Aglenchus agricola de Man, 1884

Men of Science

Smogorzhevsky L. A. Aleksandr Bogdanovich Kistyakovsky (on 70th Anniversary of His Birth)

Criticism and Bibliography

Chebotarev R. S. Review on Book by V. Dyk, R. Zavadil, K. Chroust źMethods of Laboratory and Industrial Parasitology╗

Information and News Items

Kovtun M. F. The First All-Uinon Conference on Chiroptera

Ilienkţ N. N. A School-Seminar źZoological Taxonomy and Evolution╗