Year 1975, No. 1 (January - February)

Abelentsev V. I. Marmota bobac Mull, in the Ukraine

Evtushevsky N. N. Certain Features of Cervus nippon hortulorum Sw. Behaviour in the Middle Dnieper Area (the Cherkassy Region)

Lobanov N. V., Treus V. D. Protection and Reproduction of Bibos javanicus D'Alln

Sych V. F. Comparative Morphology of Shoulder Joint Muscle Nerves for Certain Birds

Kistyakovsky . ., Katasonova L. A. Birds Orientation with Horning at Different Distances

Parukhin A. M. On Distribution in the World Ocean of Nematoda Found in Fish from the Southern Seas

Rubtsov I. A., Isaeva N. M. Culicimermis schakhovii gen. et sp. n. (Mermithidae) a new Parasite of Mosquitoes

Shcherbak G. I., Furman . K. On Studying the Mite Fauna of the Rhodacaridae Oudemans, 1902 Family from the Ukrainian Fauna

Shapiro D. S., Istomina L. P. Materials on Ecologo-Faunistic Analysis of Family Cantharidae (Coleoptera) of the Ukraine

Logvinenko V. N. A Review of Leafhoppers of Genus Aeluropsis Em. (Auchenorrhyncha, Issidae)

Kireeva I. M. On Variability in Morpho-physiological Properties of Porthetria dispar L. Population from the Lower Dnieper Area

Topachevsky V. A., Korniets N. L., Svistun V. I. New Data on Paleotheriological Characteristic of the Tiraspol (Mindel) Stage in the Composition of the Khadjibei Suite

Pidplihk I. G., Ushakov Y u. N. On Fauna and Age of Peat Bogs from the Middle Dnieper Area in Connection with Findings of Human Fossils in Them


Tikhonov . I. Application of Nomograms to Determine Fish Fatness Coefficient Values

Brief Notes

Matveeva M. A. Occurence of Nematoda of the Garden Strawberry

Oliver A. I. On Fauna of Dragon-flies Larvae (Odomatoptera) from the Water Bodies of the Donetsk Region

Pichka V. E. On Endegine Structure in Dictyno aerundinacea L. and Dictyna uncinata Thr. (Family Dictynidae)

Mikhalevih V. l. New Genus and Species of Foraminifera (Textularidae) near the Western Coast of Africa

Men of Science

Mazurmovich B. N., Koval V. P. Aleksandr Prokofievich Markevich

Criticism and Bibliography

Skufiin K. V. A Review on Book by G. V. Boshko Slepni (Diptera, Tabanidae)

Information and News Items

Kolesov L. V. All-Union Scientific School