Year 1975, No. 3 (May - June)

Shmidt G. A. Fundamental Differences in the Structure and Development of Marsupials and Placentals

Ilienko N. N., Manzy S. F. An Experiment of Functional Analysis of Carpus Innervation in Certain Mammals

Rogatko I. V. Dynamics of Fraction Composition of Blood Serum Proteins in Microtus oeconomus Pall, and Microtus transcaspicus Satun.

Gaichenko V. A., Ma1ógin V. M. Certain Problems of Taxonomy and Distribution of Species — Microtus arvalis Pall. Doubles in the South of the European Section of the Soviet Union

Samarin V. F. Significance of Water Vegetation in Desman Lands of the European Section of the USSR

Grachik R., Fedorenko A. P., Loskot V. M., Chuprin S. L. Introduction of the Turdus merula L. Town Population from Poznan into Kiev

Shcherbak N. N. Is There Eremias brenchleyi Gunter, 1872 (Sauria, Reptilia) in the USSR Fauna?

Korabel'nikov L. V. Certain Zoogeographical Peculiarities of the Antarctic Balleni Islands

Zubchenko I. A. Ecology and Perspectives of Using Gammarus (R.) balcanicus Schaf.

Monchenko V. I. On Distinguishing the New Subfamily Euryteinae

Murina V. V. New Species of Genus Phascolosoma (Sipuncula)

Zinoviev V. G. On Study of Gall Formation Stimuli in Plants Under Nematoda Effect

Akimov I. A. Morphology of the Digestive System in Rhizoglyphus echinopus (Fum. et Rîb.) (Acariformes, Acaroidea)

Karpenko L. V. Effect of Musca domestica L. Larvae Maintenance on Various Substrates on Its Development and State of Fat Body


Jankowski A. W. A New Technique for Making Glycerine Preparations

Brief Notes

Grodsky V. A. Forficula auricularis L.— a Useful Entomophage

Peklo A. M. On Eating of Snakes by Podoces panderi Fisch

Volyansky Yu. E. On the Problem of Ctenophthalmus (Spalacoctenophthalmus) spalacis Jord et Roths Distribution

Khitrova V. M. Age Changes in Content of Hyaluronic Acid in Synovia of Bos tuurus L. Limb Joint

Kotov A. A. On Nesting of Columba rupestris Pall, in Zarafshan Ridge Spurs

Osychnyuk A. Z. New Species of the Genus Andrena F. (Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Andrenidae) from Yugoslavia

Men of Sciences

Kireeva I. M. Nikolai Nikolaevich Sinitsky (On the 70th Anniversary from His Birth)

Criticism and Bibliography

Belan N. G. Review on the Book «Investigation of Domestication and History of Domestic Animals»

Information and News Items

Ermolenko V. M. Entomological Congress

Mazhuga P. M. All-Union Symposium on Differentiation of Cells in Histo- and Organogeneses