Year 1975, No. 4 (July - August)

Abrosimova Ŕ. Ě. Study of Fish Orientation in Homing

Poltavchuk M. A. Fish of Small Rivers in Right-Bank Polesye of the Ukrainian SSR. Communication I. On Species Composition of Fish Population in the Upper Pripyat River

Zatravkin M V. Hydromalacofauna in the Environs of Kostroma, Lake Pleshheev, River Nerl (Volgian)

Agarkov G. Â., Slezin V. Â., Khomenko B. G. Main Morphological Peculiarities of Brain and Craniocerebral Nerves in Dolphins and Other Cetacea. Communication II

Korotkevich F. L., Semenov Yu. A. First Finding of Neogene Plesiogulo crassa in the Northern Black Sea Area

Lobanov N. V. Subfamily of Hippotraginae

Emeliyanov I. G., Zolotukhina S.I. Dynamics of Morpho-physiological Characters and Glycogen Content of the Liver in Microlus socialis Pall.

Simochko M. D. Settling of Artificial Nesting Places in Transcarpathian Oak-Groves

Panchenko S. G. The Number of Birds in Different Type Forests in the Voroshilovgrad Region

Yaroshenko N. N. Oribatei (Acariformes) from the Virgin Steppe of the Azov Sea Area

Viktorov-Nabokov Î. V., Kovalenko L. G., Skrynik E. M., Sholudchenko L. I. Repellent Properties of Certain Phthalates and Benzoates for Mosquitoes and Fleas

Brief Notes

Tereznikova E. M. On Synonvmy of Two Coccid Species (Homoptera, Coccoidea)

Kononova S. V. On Synonymy of Two Species from the Genus Trissolcus Ashmead (Hymenoptera, Scelionidae)

Sklyar I. Ya. A New for Science Species of Slug from the Deroceras Genus (Gastropoda, Limacidae) from the Crimea

Kozyr N. N. Main Data on the Pancreas Structure in Balaenoptera musculus

Kovalyova A. A., Gaevskaya A. V. Trituf tortuosus Wilson (Copepoda, Lernaediae) — Parasite of Hakes from the South-Western Atlantic

Shŕăpilî L. D. Description of the Male Syphacia petrusewiczii Bernard, 1966 (Nematode, Syphaciidae)

Zerova M. D., Zemkova R. I. Certain Chalcid Species (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) — Parasites of Bradybatus Germ. in Acer platanoides L. Seeds

Men of Science

In Memory of Ivan Grigorievich Pidoplichko

Antipchuk A. F. On the 70th Birthday of G. I. Shpet

Criticism and Bibliography

Logachev E. D. Review on the Book by Yu. K. Bogoyavlensky, G. V. Ivanova, A. A. Spassky «Nervous System of Parasitic Nematodes»

Poznanin L. P. Review on the Book by V. E. Yakobi «Biological Foundations of Averting Collisions of Planes with Birds»

Information and News Items

I.ozinsky V. A. The 5th All-Union Symposium Ants and Forest Protection