Year 1975, No. 5 (September - October)

Kistyakovsky └. ┬. Ornithological Situation in the Reservoirs of the Dnieper Cascade during the Summer-Autumn Period (Exemplified by the Kiev Reservoir)

Tarasov M. P. On Distribution and Number of Mass Species of Oenanthe in Southern Transcaucasia

Slobodyan A. A. On the Problem of Ursus arctos L. Nutrition

Abelentsev V. I., Srevchenko L. S. Scientific Bases of Restoration of Lepus europaeus Pallas Reserves in the Ukraine and Their Exploitation

Korotkevich E. L. New Genus of Hollow-horned Ruminants from Middle Pliocene of the Eastern Europe

Manzy E. F., MţŃţz V. F. Static Role of the Thoracic Limb Muscles in Some Mammals

Pylypchuk O. Ya. Roentgenological Study of the Mobility of a Skeleton of the Lumbosacral Region in Certain Mammals

Khomenko B. G. Comparative-anatomical Analysis of the Structure and Innervation of Nasolabial Region in Certain Mammals and a Man

Delˇamure E. L., Smirnov A. I. On the Problem on Taxonomic Status of the Crimean Gudgeons

Padchenko I. K. On the Development Cycle of Trichomonadidae Family

Petrusenko A. A., Petrusenko S. V. Concerning Entomogeographical Zonation of the Crimea on the Basis of Studying Carabidae Distribution

Atanasov A. Z. New Species and Identification Key of Paleoarctic Ichneumon Flies of the Genus Barylypa (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae)

Dyadechko N. P., Tsibulskaya G. N. Frantsevich L. A. On Certain Biological Characteristics of Trichogramma cacoecia pallida Meyer from Mountain Orchards of the Crimea

Boshko G. V., Shevtsova N. P. On Hibernation of the Gadfly Larvae in the Ukrainian SSSR


Kozhevnikova Yu. Ya. Self-Recording Distance Device for Measuring Temperature and Moisture in Birds Nests

Brief Notes

Evtushevsky N. N. Reasons of Ungulata Death in the Middle Dnieper Area

Korabel'nikov V. M. Age Dynamics of Red Blood Indexes in Clethrionomys Glareolus Schreb. and Apodemus flavicollis Mel˝h

Rudyshin M. P. Quantitative Characteristic of Microtus nivalis Matt. Nutrition in the Ukrainian Carpathians

Basarukin A. M., Borkin L. Ya. Hyla japonica (Gunther) (Anura, Hylidae) in Sakhalin

Men of Science

Manzy S. F., Polulyakh Yu. A. Pavel Alekseevich Koval'sky (on 70 Years of His Birth)

Matveenko S. A. Problem of Organic World Classification in Works by M. A. Maksimovich

Criticism and Bibliography

Shpet G. I. Review on Book by V. I. Monchenko źChelustnorotye tsyclopoobraznye. Tsyclopy (Cyclopidae)╗

Information and News Items

Sabinevsky ┬. V. All-Union Conference on Birds Migration