Year 1976, No. 2 (March - April)

Zoological Investigations in the Ukrainian SSR Raised on the Level of Problems of the 10th Five-Year Plan

Zharinov V. I., Osychnjuk A. Z. Medick Pollinators in the Forest-Steppe of the Left-Bank Ukraine

Āćīvdij V. M. Ecology and Economical Significance of Gastrophysa polygoni L. in the Ukraine

Usīva Z. V., Antipina I. I. On Distribution and Ecology of Simulium morsitans Edw. (Diptera, Simuliidae) in the Ukraine

Savitskij B. P., Savitsźaja G. M. On Inhabiting the Forests in the Lower and Middle Amur Flood Plain by the Ixodoidea Superfamily

Gadzhiev Ą. Ņ., Dubovchenko T. A. Ectoparasites of Rhinolophus mehelyi Matsńhie, 1901) in Azerbaijan

Marisīva I. V., Āutenźī A. G. Data on Distribution and Ecology of Dendrocopos syriacus in the Ukraine

Peklī A. M., Ochapovsky V. S. On Eating Reptiles by Birds in the Krasnodar Territory

Il'in V. E. Blood Vessels of Rabbit Vermiform Appendix

Manzij S. F., Moroz V. F. Electrophysiological Analysis of Locomotor Movements of Thoracic Limbs in Certain Mammals

Sirenźī B.I. Taxonomy of Mail-shells of the Genus Spongioradsia Pilsbry, 1893 (Ischnochitonina, Ischnochitonidae)

Zaicev Ju. P., Zelezinskaja L. M. New Data on Spccics Composition and Distribution of Copepods from the Families Pontellidae and Parapontellidae in Open Waters of the Mediterranean Sea

Murina V. V. New and Rare Species of Sipunculids from the East China Sea

Dīlin V. G. Fossil Click Beetles (Coleoptera, Elateridae) of the Subfamilies Negastriinae and Cardophorinae from Upper Jurassic of Karatau

Brief Notes

Maksimova V. I. Sex Ratio and Female Sterility of Quadraspidiotus perniciosus Ńīmst

Srebćīdīl'skaja N. I., Pavljuź R. S. Nutrition of Anas platyrhyncha L. in the Western Part of the Ukrainian Polessie

Zavaleeva D. D. Finding of Cestoda Atypical of Common Field-Mouse

Antsyshkina L. M., Āuląkhīv V. L., Palagina G. I., Maguza V. S. Helminth Fauna of Some Tailless Amphibias of the Samara Valley

Logvinenko V. N. Cicadetta nigropilosa sp. n.— a New Representative of Cicadidae (Auchenorrhyncha) from Transcaucasia

Gavatą Ā. V. Peculiarities in Blood Supply of Dogs Intervertebral Discs

Men of Science

Kryzhanovsky V. I., Topachevsky V. A. Mikhail Anatol'evich Voinstvenskij

Criticism and Bibliography

Mazurmovich B. N., Boshko G. V. Review on Book by L. V. Chesnova «Problems of General Entomology. Development of Transmissive Theory»