Year 1976, No. 3 (May - June)

Revin Ju. V. Nutrition Character of Vulpes vulpes L. in a Zone of Large Number of Ondatra zibethica L. (the Kolyma-Indigirka Lowland)

Pegel'man S. G. Age Sensitivity of Rodents to Zoocides

Emel'janov I. G. Study of Relative Growth of Certain Viscera in Microtus socialis Pall, from Population of the Askanija Nova Virgin Steppe

Denisjuk L. E. Structure of Juxtaglomerular Complex of Kidneys in Albino Rats

Pylypchuk O. Ja. Comparative Analysis of Articular Facets in Lumbosacral Vertebrae Articular Processes for Some Mammals

Mikhalevich O. A., Gaichenko V. A. On Chewing Biomechanics in Shrews

vshar' A. F. On Ecology of Dzhungarian Tit

Abrosimova A. M. Role of Sense Organs in Orientation of Carp-Bream, Zope, Roach and White Bream in the Kiev Reservoir

Strautman I. F. On the Problem of Benthophilus stellatus (Gobiidae) Nutrition in the Dniester Estuary

Putshkov V. G. New and Little-Known Miridae (Heteroptera) from the Turkmen and Kirghiz SSR Fauna

Fal'kovich M. I. New Species of Casebearer Moth (Lepidoptera, Coleophoridae) from the Hissar Ridge (Tajikistan)

Farinets S. I. On the Tachins Fauna (Diptera, Tachinidae) from Transcarpathia. Communication I. Subfamily Exoristinae, Phasiinae

Valentjuk E. I. Flood Water Bodies as Main Breeding Place of Culicidae in Kiev Polessie

Popovich A. P. Certain Data on Studying the Gonotrophical Cycle of the Great Grey Gadfly under Conditions of the Steppe Zone of the Ukraine

Brief Notes

Simochko M. D. On Nesting of Dendrocopus major L. in Hollows

Verves Ju. G. On Studying Sarcophagidae (Diptera), Parasites of Terrestrial Gastropoda

Demetriades . K. On the Northern Boundary of Vanellus vanellus L. Nesting in the Komi ASSR

Romanchenko A. A. On Studying Green Lacewings (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae) from Moldavia

Pavljuk R. S., Kuz'movich L. G. Dragon-flies (Insecta, Odonata) from the Suburbs of Kremenets of the Ternopol Region

Fedorenko I. A., Kharchenko V. I. On Finding of Bonomiella columbae Emerson (Mallophaga) in the Ukraine

gh A. V. Morphology of Gonads and Certain Peculiarities in Formation of Sex Cells in Hyphantria cunea Dr. Females

ldhka L. A., Lsaj . A. Survival Rate of Phytoseiulus persimilis, Amblyseius andersoni and Ambluseius reductus without Food

Mel'ni L. M., Slv I. G. Freshwater Jellyfish in Aquarium

Zverzhanovskij M. I. On Finding of Cotylotretus cubanicus in Wild Water Fowl