Year 1976, No. 5 (September - October)

Sokur I. T. Modern State of Crops Protection from Rodents and Problems of Population Ecology

Krylova . V. Changes in the Ochotona pricei T h o r n Range After Treating the Territory with Pesticide

Erbaeva M. A. The Early Eopleistocene Rootteeth Voles from the Transbaikal Area

Kovtun M. F. Comparative Morphology of the Shoulder Girdle Muscles in Horseshoe Bat (Chiroptera, Rhinolophidae)

Samchuk N. D. Nutrition of Passer domesticus L. under Conditions of the Ukraine

Aleksandrova A. I. On Morphoecological Characteristics of Acerina schraetser (L.)

Poslavskij A. N. Adaptation of Some Birds of Aquatic-Marshy Complex to Nesting in South Deserts

Sten'ko R. P. On Studying Fauna of Parthenites and Trematoda Larvae of Fresh-Water Crimean Mollusks

Stadnichenko A. P. Multiple Invasions of Fresh-Water Molluscs by Parthenites and Trematoda Larvae

Zhil'cova L. A. Materials on Studying the Stoneflies Fauna of the Leucridae Family (Insecta, Plecoptera) from Siberia and the Far East

Bajkova O. Ja. On Study of the May-Flies Larvae from the Paraleptophlebia Genus (Ephemeroptera, Paraleptophlebiidae)


Solukha . V. Method for Studying Sound Transmitting Apparatus in Some Vertebrates

Brief Notes

Francevich L. A. Electrophoretic Fractionation of Proteins of Trichogram Two Species with the Purpose of Their Taxonomy

Prisnyj A. V. Ecologo-geographical Analysis of Orthoptera from the Kharkov Region

Tolkanits V. I. New Eastern-Palearctic Species of the Genus Phytodietus Gav. (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae)

Blinshtein S. Ja. New and Little-known Species of Rove Beetlles (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) from the North-Western Black Sea and Sivash Area

Shcherbak G. I. On Studying Mites of the Genus Protogamasellus Karg, 1962 (sensu Karg, 1971) (Gamasoidea, Rhodacaridae)

Voljanskij Ju. E., Koroleva E. V. Data on Fauna of Gamaside Mites from Pachylaelaptidae Family of the Odessa Region

Zjuzin A. A. New Data on Spiders of the Genus Pardosa (Aranei, Lycosidae) in the USSR Fauna

Sharpilo V. P. Mertensinema iberica gen. n., sp. n. (Nematode, Trichostrongylidae, Mertensinematinae subfam. n.)a Parasite of the Caucasian Salamander

News Items and Information

Markevich A. P. Results of the IX All-Union Conference on National Focality of Human and Animal Diseases