Year 1976, No. 6 (November - December)

Fedorenko A. P. Modern Problems in the Field of Protection of Rare and Disappearing Species of Animals

Voinstvenskij M. A., Petrusenko A. A., Bojarchuk V. P. Trophic Relations of Corvus frugilegus L. in Steppe Ecosystems. Communications I. Nutrition (Food Composition)

Talposh V. S. On Ecology of Larus ridibundus L. in Western Regions of the Ukraine

Panchenko S. G. On New Findings of Oenanthe isabetlina Temm. in the Ukraine

Dulitskij A. I. On Trophy Qualities of Horns of Ovis musimon Pall, in the Crimea

Kudrjashova N. I. Chiggers of the Leptotrombidium Genus (Acariforms, Trombiculidae) from Iran

Fedorenko I. A. Materials on the Bird Lice Fauna of Passeriformcs from the Ukraine. Communication II. Brueliinae (Mallophaga, Ischnocera)

ShevchenkoA. K., Zhdanova T. G. Fauna and Dominant Species of Bloodsucking Biting Midges (Diptera, Ceratopogonidae, Leptoconopidae) of the Ukrainian Polessie

Maksimova V. I. Population Denstity as a Dynamics Regulator of Quadraspidiotus perniciousus —Ómst. Number

Karpenko L. V. An Effect of Musca domestica L. Larvae Nutrition Duration on Its Development and State of Fatty Body

Korotkevich E. L. Most Important Sites of Hipparion Fauna in the Territory of the Ukrainian SSR

Brief Notes

Vladyshevskij D. V. Methods of Studying Food Accessibility for Birds on Different Substrate

Serebrjakov V. V. On Phenology of Birds Spring Flight in the Kiev Environs

Jarmolenko B. N. Peculiarities of Ring-Doves Nesting

Barabanova V. V. Adaptation of Rhizoglyphus echinopus Fum. et Rob. to the New Food Substrate

Pavlichenko V. I. Individual and Seasonal Variability of Some Morphological Characters in Buffalo Gnats (Diptera, Simuliidae) Larvae from the Steppe of the Ukrainian SSR

Berezkin A. G. On the Role of Intrajoint Pressure in Biomechanics of Limb Joints

Zatravkin M. N. On Principles of Russian Titles of Molluscs from Superfamily and Below

Information and News Items

Kireeva I. M. The 3d Conference of the Section of Insect Protection of the International Committee of Nature Protection in Mountain Regions