Year 1977, No. 2 (March - April)

Fedorenko . P., Majatskij G. . The Black Sea Reservation, Its Significancenand Prospects of Development

Jusliehenko A. K. The Black Sea Reservation in the System of State Reservations of the USSR

Berestennikov D. S. Mammals of the Black Sea Reservation

Ardamatskaja . ., Semenov S. M. Ecologo-Faunistic Review of Birds in the Region of the Black Sea Reservation

Sabinetskij . V. The Azov-Black-Sea Coast of the Ukraine as a Complex Reservation of Waterfowl and Wader

Kotenko . I. Herpetofauna of the Black Sea Reservation and Adjacent Territories

Zelinskaja L. M. On Studying the Fauna of Some Groups of Insects from the Black Sea Reservation

Grigoriev B. F., Pupkov V. A. Benthic Invertebrates from Jagorlytskij and Tendrovskij Bays of the Black Sea

Tikhomirov F. K., Zhifarskaja R. A. A Brief Review of Vegetation in the Black Sea Reservation