Year 1977, No. 4 (July - August)

Berezkin A. G., Ilíenko N. N., Kovtun M. F., Manzij S. F., Melínik  . P. On the Way of Creative Development of Evolutionary Morhphology (on the 25th Anniversary of the Evolutionary Morphology Department)

Bondarenko V. E., Shmidt Q. A., Shagaeva G. G., Baptidanova Ju. P. The Most Important Peculiarities of Camelus bactrianus Intrauterine Development

Prjadko V. P. Internal-Trunk Structure of Nerves in Genitals of Some Fur-Bearing Animals

Novikov ¬. ¬. Mechanisms of Seasonal Cyclicity in Bird Reproduction. Communication V: Mechanisms of Light Effect on Reproduction Function jn Birds

Loskot V. M. On Species Independence of Parus hyrcanus Sar. et Loud.

Kuz'menko V. Ja. Peculiarities of Whinchat and Stonechat Ecology Under Conditions of Drained Areas of the Middle Dnieper Territory

Minoranskij V. A. Some Data on Chilopoda (Myriopoda) from the Rostov Region

Victorov-Nabokov ő. V., Korneeva L. A., Kharchenko L. V., Malevannaja Z. A. Comparative Characteristic of Musca domestica L. and Calliphora vicina R. D. Hemolymph Cellular Composition

Kozlov M. A., Kononova S. V. New Species from the Telenomus Haliday, 1833 Genus (Hymenoptera, Scelionidae) of the USSR Fauna

Fedorenko I. A., Volkov V. I. On Studying Bird Lice of the Philopterus Genus Parasitizing on Flycatchers

Kilochitskij P. Ja. On Studying Microsporidia, Parasites of Blood-Sucking Mosquitos in the South of the Ukraine

Djul'din A. A. Statistical Analysis of Size Structure of Soricidae (Insectivora)

Brief Notes

Smirnov P. K. Observations on Ecology of Sicista tianschanika Salensky

Talposh V. S. On Nesting of Chlidonias hybrida Pal. in the West of the Ukrainian SSR

Belik V. P. Data on Settlement of Ring-Doves in the European Part of the USSR

Tuzovskij P. V. New Species of Water Mite from the Genus Atractides Koch., 1937 (Hyrobatidae, Acariformes)

Akimov I. A. Extracellular, Contact and Intracellular Digestion of Acaroid Mites

Pakhorukov N. M., Utochkin A. S. Four New for the USSR Spider (Aranei) Species from the Northern Urals

Men of Science

Markevich A. P. In Memory of Leonid Vladimirovich Reingard

Criticism and Bibliography

Kryshtal A. F., Gushcha G. I. Review on Book: I. Z. Livshits, V. I. Mitrofanov. PlantInhibiting Mites

Information and News Items

Kolesov L. V. All-Union Scientific School