Year 1977, No. 5 (September - October)

Topachevskij V. A. Institute of Zoology of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR in Honour of the Portentous Jubilee

Sokur I. T., Filipchuk N. S. Morphophysiological Peculiarities of Geographic Populations of Citellus pygmaeus Pall. and C. suslicus Guld.

Akhmetov I. Z. Comparative Characteristics of Thyroid Gland Function in Rodents Adapted to Dry and Arid Conditions

Volokh A. M., Samarskij S. L. Peculiarities of Autumn-Winter Nutrition of Castor fiber L. in Littoral Regions and in Islands of the Kremenchug Reservoir

Sharipov M. A. On Nesting of Luscinia megarhynchos hafizi Sev. in the Towns of the Ferghana Valley

Golovina N A., Poddubnaja A. V., Mankirova ┬. V. Effect of Certain Diseases in Carp on Hematological Indices

Spasskij └. A., Kornjushin V. V. Revision of the Family Ophryocotylidae (Cestoda, Davaineoidea)

BiIevÓ ╬. K. Change in Zooplankton Composition with "Ageing" of Upwelling Waters near South-Westen Africa

Il'enko N. N. Protective Role of Humerus Epicondylic Foramen for Median Nerve in Vertebrates

Mordvinov Ju. E. Dependence of Swimming Velocities in Some Semiaquatic Mammals on Parameters of Locomotor Cycle of Motile Organs and Their Areas

Logvinenko V. N. New Species of the Transcaucasian Cicadas (Homoptera, Auchenorrhyncha)

Ermolenko V. M. New Species of Sawflies-Tenthredinids (Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae) from Talysh


Valentjuk E. I., Kovaljukh N. N. Detection of Natural Enemies of Blood-Sucking Mosquito Larvae by the Method of Radio Marking

Brief Information

Semenchenko V. M. On Sex Differences in Ecologo-Physiological Indexes of Microtus socialis Pall

Ochirov Ju. D., Gizenko A. I., Bojarkin I. V. Data on Ecology of Vormela peregusna Guld. in Tuva

Rjazantseva A. E. Phenology of Blood-Sucking Mosquito (Diptera, Culicidae) under Conditions of Donetsk Region

Verves Ju. G. Supplementary Material to the Species Composition of Sarcophagids (Diptera, Sarcophagidae) of the Middle Dnieper Area

Isaeva N. M. New Data on Parasite-Host Relations of Culicimermis schakhovi Rubtsov et Isaeva, 1975 and Aedes cantans Mg.

Criticism and Bibliography

Jakobi V. A. Review on the Book: H. Blokpoel. Bird Hazards to Aircraft Problems and Prevention of Bird/Aircraft Collisions

Boshko G. V. Review on the Book: V. A. Bibikova, L. N. Klassovskij. Plague Transmission by Fleas

Logachev E. D. Review on Book by B. N. Mazurmovich. Ivan Ivanovich Puzanov

Information and News Items

Berezkin A. G. All-Union Seminar on Problems of Functional Morphology