Year 1978, No. 2 (March - April)

Panchenko S. G. Modern State of Ornithofauna of the Provalian Steppe

Putshkov V. G. The Key of the Species from the Genus Stictopleurus Stal, 1872 (Heteroptera, Rhopalidae) of the Soviet Union Fauna

Negrobov O. P. Revision of Species from Xanthochlorus Lw. Genus (Diptera, Dolichopodidae)

Kosakevich S. M. Corn Borer Ostrinia scapulalis Walker (Lepidoptera, Pyraustidae) in the Ukraine

Kireeva I. M. The Role of the Population Density in the Dynamics of the Porthetria dispar L. Number within the Lower Dnieper Area

Bogachuk G. P., Palij M. A. Application of Nitrocellulose Lacquers when Producing Moist Preparations

Topachevskij V. A., Skorik A. F., Rekovets L. I. The Most Ancient Voles of the Microtini Tribe (Rodentia, Microtidae) from the South of the Ukrainian SSR

Poluda A. M. Effect of Wind on Fringilla coelebs L. Flight Height

Goncharenko A. E., Koval' N. F., Tkachenko A. K. Materials on Ecology of Bombina bombina L. Under Conditions of the Middle Part of the Southern Bug River Basin

Skljar V. E. Ectoparasites of Small Mammals and Dwellers of Their Nests in Virgin and Cultured Biotopes as Connected with Anthropogenic Factor

Fedorenko I. A. Materials on the Mallophaga Fauna in Passeriformes of the Ukraine. Communication IV. Philopterinae (Mallophaga, Ischnocera). Part 2

Kostenko S. M., Akimov I. A., Starovir I. S. Finding of Gregarinidae in Some Acaridae

Umovist M. V., Kiseleva A. F., Kejsevich L. V., Degtjareva L. V. Anatomy, Topography and Histology of the Dog Pancreas

Il'enko N. N. On Innervation of Synovial Membrane of Thoracic Limb Joints in Some Mammals

Brief Notes

Serdjuk V. N. New Centre of the Desman Occurrence in the Ukraine

Akhmedov M. I., Shcherbak N. N. Gymnodactylus caspius insularis ssp. n. (Reptilia, Sauria), a New Subspecies of Gymnodactylus caspius Echw. from the Vulf Island in the Caspian Sea

Sharpilo V. P. Helminths of Relict Animals. I. Aplectana caucasica sp. n. (Nematode, Cosmocercidae), a Parasite of the Mertensiella caucasica Waga

Poslavskij A. N. On Biology of Charadrius asiaticus Pallas

Orchuk K. I. Innervation Apparatus and Microcirculation of Muscular Fascias in Bos taurus L

Khrolinskij L. G., Kadyrmatov I. N. Electrophoretic Examination of Brain Protocerebrum Neurosecretory System in Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say

Parukhin M. A. On Taxonomic Position of Nematoda of the Genus Sobolevicephalus Paruchin, 1964