Year 1978, No. 5 (September - October)

Voinstvenskij M. A. Concerning the Problem on the Trend of Evolutionary Processes

Beljakov V. V., Zaverza N. V., Romanov Ju. M. Data on Cervus elaphus L. Ecology in the Kaliningrad Region

Rekovets L. I. Rodents of the Desna Late Paleolith (Ways of the Fauna Formation and Its Paleogeographic Analysis)

Peklo A. M., Lornadze N. h., Bakhtadze G. B., Kazakov . A., Tlba P. A. Ecology of Ficedula parva parva (ehst.) in the North Western Caucasus

Voronov N. P., Voronov L. N. Morphometric Investigation of Digestive System in Bombycilla garrulus L

Khomenko . G., Manger A. P. Receptor Apparatus of the Upper Respiratory Tracts in Dolphins (Mammalia, Delphinidae)

Savchenko E. N. Additions to the Fauna of the Limoniid-Flies (Diptera, Limoniidae) of the North Tien Shan

Putshkov V. G. The Species of the Genus Phytocoris Fieb. (Heteroptera, Miridae) of the Caucasus Fauna

Maksimova V. I. Respiration of Quadraspidiotus perniciosus Comst (Insecta, Coccoidea)

Jurkina V. I., Sergienko G. D., Shchur L. E., Golovach G. P. On the Fauna of Invertebrates from Nests of the Bank Vole in the Central Forest ' Steppe of the Ukrainian SSR

MonchenkoV. I. Halicyclops longispinosus Transference to the Genus Colpocyclops (Crustacea, Copepoda) and First Description of Its Males

Brief Notes

Veselovskij M. V., Vronskij . ., Khadzhinskij V. G. Topography and Branching of Cervicothorax Part of Vagus Nerve in Certain Dolphins (Delphinidae, Odontoceti)

Bogajchuk Ja. F. Peculiarities of Gas Exchange in Twin Species of Common Vole

Gajchenko V. A. Gas Exchange in Twin Species of Microtus arvalis Pallas

Emel'janov I. G. Morpho-Physiological Peculiarities and Ecological Structure of Common Vole Populations in the Mountain Crimea

Vakarenko V. I., Petrusenko A. A., Simochko M. D. Ecological Analysis of Nutrition of Parus major L. (Aves, Paridae) Nestlings in the Transcarpathian Oak-Groves

Troitskij S. K., Tsunikova E. P. On Biology of Pomatoschictus caucasicus (Kawrajsky) (Pisces, Gobiidae) in the Kuban Limans

Jastrebov I. O. Certain Ecological Peculiarities of Trichogrammatidae Application Against Cabbage Moth

Sten'ko R. P. On Trematodofauna of Certain Mollusks in the Crimea and Changes in the Fauna under the Effect of Anthropogenic Factor

Stadnichenko A. P. Comparative Characteristic of Protein Spectrum for Embryo Capsules Fluid and Haemolymph of Viviparus contectus (Gastropoda, Prosobranchia)