Year 1979, No. 1 (January - February)

Sharpilo V. P. On Biological Essence of Reservoir Parasitism and Its Significance in Evolution of Helminths Life Cycle

The Fauna and Taxonomy

Stadnichenko A. P. A Review of the Fauna of Fresh-Water Mollusks of the Crimea

Artyukhovsky A. K. New Species of Genus Melolonthinimermis Art. (Nematode, Mermitidae) with Specification of the Genus Diagnosis

Savchenko E. N. Additions and Corrections to the Limoniid-Flies (Diptera, Limoniidae) Fauna in the Southern Kurils and Southern Sakhalin

Danilov V. N. On Nomenclature, Synonymy, Differential Diagnosis and Distribution of Aedes (Ochlerotatus) albineus Seguˇ (Diptera, Culicidae)

Rekovets L. I. On Taxonomic Position of Sousliks from the Upper Pleistocene Deposits of the Ukraine


Musij Yu. I. Description ot Phyllosoma Stages II and III of Deep-Water Puerulus sewelli Ramadan (Decapoda, Palinuridae)

Movchan Yu. V. Morphological Characteristics of Pisces (Cyprinidae) Fauna from the Ukraine

Korolev N. V. On Peculiarities of Histological Structure of Ovaries in Some Mammals and on Lipid Content in Them

Nechaeva ╬. V. Receptor Apparatus of Paragenital Area of Dolphins Skin


Shurakov A. I. On Studying Incubation Peculiarities in the Period of Egg Laying in Birds on Total Preparations of Embryos

Smolina N. A. Improvement of the Method of Histological Fixation of Olfaction Organs in Blood-Sucking Mosquitos

Brief Notes

Shcherbak N. N. New Findings of Lizards and Snakes in the Middle Asia Territory

Ermolenko V. M., Zemkova R. I. On Finding of Gilpinia fenriica (Hymenoptera, Diprionidae) in the Tuva Autonomous SSR

Vekhov N. V. Some Peculiarities of Leptodora kindtii (Focke) Ecology in Lakes of the Bolshezemelian Tundra

Shevchenko N. T. Intensity of Oxygen Consumption in Common Field-Mice, House Mice and Striped Field-Mice

Skorik A. F. Cases of Osteopathology in Hipparions

News Items and Information

Rogatko I. V., Korotkevich E. L. The 2nd International Theriological Congress