Year 1979, No. 2 (March - April)

Topachevsky V. A. Results, State and Prospects of Studies on Fossil Vertebrates in the Ukraine

Fauna and Taxonomy

Kolodochka L. A. New Species of the Crimean Mites-Phytoseiids (Parasitiformes, Phytoseiidae)

Kerzhner I. M., Puchkov P. V. On Synonymy and Distribution of Epidaus tuberosus Yang (Heteroptera, Reduviidae) in the USSR

Zhilítsova L. A. Finding of the Second Species of the Genus Takagripopteryx (Plecoptera, Capniidae) in the USSR Territory


BazitovA. A., Kulakovskaya O. P., Shestakova K. A. Spermatogenesis in Biacetabulum appendiculatum (Szidat, 1937) Janiszewska, 1950 (Caryophyllidea, Cestoda)

Starovir I. S. Peculiarities of Digestive System Structure in Mites Amblyseius herbarius (Gamasoidea, Phytoseiidae)

Stadnichenko A. P. Some Morphological Regularities in the Growth of Orb Shells (Sphaeriidae, Bourg., 1883)


Poslavsky A. N. Some Ways of Birds Adaptation to Living Conditions in North Deserts During the Embryonic Period of Development

Popenko V. M. Peculiarities of Larks (Aves, Alaudidae) Distribution in Main Biotopes of the Left-Bank Steppe of the Ukraine

Tertyshnikov M. F., Logacheva L. P., Kutenkov A. P. On Distribution and Ecology of Rana macroenemis BÓul. in the Central Part of the Northern Caucasus

Kosminskv R. B., Guseva A. A., Talybov A. N., Avetisyan G. A. On Ecology of Amphipsylla rossica Wagn., 1912 (Ceratophyllidae, Siphonaptera)

Pavlova G. N. Changes in Tiger and Ground Beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae) Complex in the Southern Sheep's Fescue-Feather-Grass Steppe Caused by the Anthropogenic Factor


Lobanov N. V. An Experiment of Immobilization of Wild Ungulata in Askania-Nova

Koval'chuk A. A., Boshko E. G. On Using Oxypropyl Cellulose to Inhibit Protozoa Movements

Brief Notes

Volkov V. I., Katsko V. I., Dolgikh A. M., Zarubina V. N. Myopus schisticolor Lill. (Rodentia) from the Myao-Chan Ridge and its Ectoparasites

Negrobov O. P., Grichanov I. Ya. New and Little Known Species of Dolichopodidae (Diptera) from the South-West of the European Part of the USSR

Pupavkin D. M., Chernenko Yu. I. Trunk Pests of Siberian Larch in the South-West of the Taimir Peninsula

Tuzovsky P. V. The Larva of Momonia falcipalpis Halbert, 1906 (Acariformes, Mideopsidae)

Sergienko G. D. On Studying Oribatidae Fauna in the Forest-Steppe Areas of the Black-Sea Reservation

Skryabin V. A. On Studying Helminth Fauna in the Crimean Amphibians