Year 1979, No. 3 (May - June)

Agarkov G. B., Gi1åviñh S. A. On the Problem of Chemoreeeption in Dolphins)

Fauna and Taxonomy

Fedorenko I. A. New for Science Representatives of the Gallacanthus Eiehler and Menacanthus Neumann (Mallophaga, Menoponidae) Genera

Rubtsov I. A., Polevik N. L. The First Finding of Neoapleclana tabanivora (Nematoda, Steinernematidae) Parasitizing in Gad Flies

Sten'ko R. P. Peculiarities of Fauna of Trematoda Larvae—Parasites of Freshwater Molluscs of the Crimea

Iskova N. I. Data on Trematoda Fauna of Turdidae of the Ukraine


Pavlinov I. Y a. On Morphology of the Tooth Corona in Gerbillinae (Mammalia)

Korshunova L. A., Tumanov I. L. Morphological Peculiarities of Aortie Arch in Some Representatives of the Mustelidae Family

Starovir I. S. Functional Histology of Intestinal Epithelium in Amblyseius herharius (Gamasoidea, Phytoseiidae)


Nankinov D., Michev Ò., Kostova V., Ivanov Â., Penkov V. The First Results of Ornithological Investigations at the "Rupite" Station (South-Western Bulgaria)

Prisyazhnyuk V. E,. Yusupova I. U. Certain Biochemical Indices of the Axis Deer Population State in the Black Sea Reservation


Kostilenko Y u. P., Kovalev E. V., Skripnikov N. S., Ustyansky O. A. The Method for Obtaining Film Preparations and Obtaining of Semifine Slices of Them

Klimov V. I. An Experiment of Labelling European Diving Beetles of llie Genus Dyiiscus (Coleoptera, Dytiscidae)

Brief Notes

Zaruba L. A. Studies of the Reaction of Somatochromic Neurons in Motor Cortex of Rabbit Hemispheres for Hypo- and Hyperkinesia

Skorik A. F. An Attempt to Analyze Osteopathology Cases in Fossil Mammals

Korchinsky A. V. Seasonal Changes of Blood Serum Proteins in Apoclemus agrarius Pall, and Apodemus flavicollis Melch

Dulitsky A. I. On the Periods of Nycialus leisleri Kuhl (Mammalia, Chiroptera) Staying in the Crimea

Koval' N. F. Birds of the "Sofievka" Dendropark

Korzyukov A. I. Night Migrations of Birds Above the North-Western Part of the Black Sea

Mel’niñhenko E. D., Panasenko N. A. On the Helminth Fauna of Chiroptera in the Middle Dnieper Area

Ermolenko V. M., Kozak V. Ò. On Ecology of Nematus melanaspis Hartig (Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae) under Conditions of Western Polessie of the Ukrainian SSR

Belyshev B. F., Kharitonov A. Yu. On Distribution of the Genus Orthetrum Newm. (Odonata, Libcllnlidae)

Shcherbak G. I., Kadite B. A. The New Species of Mite from the Genus Rhodacarus (Gamasoidea, Rhodacaridae)

Ovander E. N. New Data on Rotifers of Ihe Genus Testudinella (Rotatoria, Monimotrochida) in the Ukrainian SSR Fauna

Gurando E. V. The New for the USSR Fauna Species of Nematode Neoditylenchus eremus (Ruhm, 1956) Meól, 1960 (Nematoda, Tylenchidae)

Criticism and Bibliography

Il'ichev V. D. "Bionics. Biological Aspects" edited by L. V. Reshod'ko

Topachevsky V. A., Pegeta V. P. "A Valuable Contribution to the Solution of the Problem on Tetrapods Origin"