Year 1980, No. 1 (January - February)

Mamontova V. A. The Evolution, Phylogenesis and System of Aphidinea, Lachnidae (Communication I)

The Fauna and Taxonomy

Mishchenko Yu. V., Shcherbak N. N. On New Findings of Rare and Little Studied Birds of the Turkmen SSR

Savchenko E. N. Two Genera of Limoniid-Flies (Diptera, Limoniidae), New for the Palearctic and Two New Species of These Genera

Verves Yu. G. Taxonomic Notes on Certain Sarcophagidae (Diptera)

Minoransky V. A., Ponomarev A. V., Gramotenko V. P. Arenei, Little Known and New for the South-East of the European Part of the USSR


Korotkevich E. L. Problem of the Development of Horns in Certain Ruminants

Pilipchuk O. Ya. Vertebra Length Changes in Moments of Resistance of Vertebra Bodies in Predaceous Mammals

Antipchuk Yu. P., Manzy S. F., Osinsky L. P., Khomatov V. Kh. Morphological and Functional Peculiarities of Cerebral Blood Circulation in Certain Artiodactyls and Predaceous Mammals

Akimov I. A., Starovir I. S. The Structure of the Digestive System in Acotyledon absoloni Samsinak, 1961 (Acariformes, Acaroidea) Dwelling in Termitaria


Zelinskaya L. M. The Role of Cicrosporidia in Dynamics of Porthetria dispar L. Quantity

Mordvinov Yu. E., Khvorov S. A. The Locomotion and Character of the Body Flow Around in the Triturus cristatus Laur Swimming

Buteiko T. P. Changes in Hematological Indices of Pheasants Affected by Karbophos and Hexachlorane ?-Isomer

Brief Notes

Dulitsky A. I. Seasonal Dynamics of Occurrence of the Crimean Cervus eluphus L. at Different Heights of the Crimean State Hunting Reservation

Semenov S. M. Rana arvalis Nillson in the Lower Dnieper

Mamedova T. G. On Fauna of Hymenoptera, Symphyta of the Lenkoran Zone (Talysh) of the Azerbaijan SSR

Anufriev G. A., Enyutina M. E. Findings of Homoptera, Auchenorrhyncha, New and Little Known for the Fauna of the Ukrainian SSR

Pavlyuk R. S. On the Affection of Dragon-Flies in the Western Regions of the Ukrainian SSR with Skrjabinoeces similis (Trematoda, Plagiorchiidae)

Sergienko G. D. Kaszabobates olbiopolitanus, a New Species of Oribatei, Thyrisomidae

Brodsky S. Ya. Natural Hybrid of Astacus (Pontastacus) pachypus and Astacus (Pontastacus) leptodactylus (Decapoda, Astacidae)

Pinchuk V. I., Moroz T. G. Tricladida, Paludicola of the Caspian Complex in the Dnieper Delta

Bazilevich A. V. Fauna of Turbellaria of the Central Polessye of the Ukrainian SSR

Criticism and Bibliography

Voinstvensky M. A., Sabinevsky . V. "Seasonal Migration of Birds in the Kazakhstan Territory" by E. I. Gavrilov

Information and News Items

Gromov I. M, Skorik A. F. Field School-Seminar in the Komi ASSR