Year 1980, No. 2 (March - April)

Ilienko N. N., Bogdanovich I. A. Morphofunctional Analysis ot Extraorgan Nerves in Mammal Thoracic Limb Joints

Sinenikov Ya. R., Samoilov N. G., Mikityuk A. N., Polyakov U. P. Functional Morphology of Nerve-Muscular Apparatus of Thoracic Limbs in Primates


Larionov G. P, Gcrmogenov N. I. Materials on Ecology of Emberiza aureola Pall, E. spodocephala Pall, and E. chrysophrus Pall (Aves, Emberizidae) from the Middle Lena Valley

Peklo A. M., Smogorzhevsky L. A. Materials on Nutrition of Muscicapidae (Passeriformes, Muscicapidae) from the South of the Soviet Far East

Boyarchuk V. P. On Nesting of Sturnus vulgaris L. in the Black Sea Reservation

Kulyanda S. S. By-Layer Distribution of Carabidae in Forest Ecosystems of the Western Podolia Area

Mukhin Yu. P. Behaviour of Apoidea (Insecta) on Flowers

Radzimovsky V. D. Cladocera (Crustacea) in Water Bodies of the Polessiari Reserve

Fauna and Taxonomy

Pavlinov I. Ya. Superspecies Groupings Cardiocraniinae Satunin (Mammalia, Dipodidae)

Emelyanov A. F. An Atternpt of Genus Telligometra Latr. (Homoptcra, Tettigometridae) Division into Subgenera

Zerova M. D. New Species of Genus Eurytoma Illiger (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea, Eurytomidae) from the Steppe Zone of the USSR

Petrenko A. A. Species of Genus Staphylinus L. (Coleoptera, Staphyliuidae) of the Ukrainian Fauna

Kolodochka L. A. New Species of Mites-Phytoseiidae (Parasitiformes) of the USSR Fauna

Ivantsiv V. V. Molluscs of Family Unionidac (Mollusca, Lamellibranchia) in Water Bodies of the Lower Dnieper

Brief Notes

Kornyushin A. V. On the Fauna of Landliving Molluscs of the Black Sea Reservation

Zhulidov A. V. On Concentration of Gastropods (Mollusca, Pulmonata) in Nettle Plots with Elevated Content of Certain Chemical Elements

Berest Z. L. Parasites and Carnivores of Brachycolus noxins Mordv. and Schizaphis graminum Rond. on Barley and Wheat Crops in Nikolaev and Odessa Regions

Dolin V. G., Atamuradov H. I. Two New Species of Click-Beetles (Coleoptera, Elatcridac) from Badkhyz (Southern Turkmenistan)

Fedorenko l. A., Kharambura Ya. I. A New Species of Genus Menacanthus Neumann (Mallophaga, Menoponidae)a Parasite from Anthus spinoletta (L.)

Stepura G. S., Petrenko V. S. Laboratory Cultivation of Chilo tadzhihiellus Geras

Omelyuta V. P., Nadvornaya L. S. On Parasites of Pyrausta sticticalis L. (Lepidoptera, Pyraustidae) in the Ukraine

Nikitchenko N. T. Ecology of Ixodes trianguliceps B i r. Under Conditions of Middle Dnieper Area

Information and News Items

Mczhzherin V. A., Balakhnin I. A., Mikhalevich O. A. The 2nd All Union Conference on Population Phenetics

Bromley G. F., Korotkov Yu. M., Shcherbak N. N. On Problems and Prospects of Studies in Hcrpetofauna of the Far East and Siberia